SNOWPOCALYPSE – the Dallas version

We woke up this morning to a Winter Wonderland outside. This is the view from our bedroom window.  It’s lovely living in the treetops.

After the morning brightened a little, this is the view across the creek from the back yard.

The house looks really at home in snow – this Cape Cod style with its steep roof is really built for it.

They’re predicting an overnight accumulation of four to six inches – I’ve never seen snow like this in the 15 years I’ve lived in Dallas.

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  1. reedrover
    reedrover says:

    Wow! I hope that you don’t have anywhere you need to be. I can’t imagine that Dallas owns many snowplows or salt trucks in case of snow.

    Up here near Washington DC we’ve had three major snowstorms in one year, where we normally get one every couple of years.

  2. txtriffidranch
    txtriffidranch says:

    That’s about right, because you moved here right about the last time we had a bad snowfall. 1996 was bad, to be sure, but I haven’t seen anything like this since Christmas Eve 1989. If we get that kind of snowfall, where I had to wear ski goggles whenever I went outside, and those sorts of temperatures, we’re in trouble.

  3. txtriffidranch
    txtriffidranch says:

    Right now, it’s not as bad as it could be, mostly because the roads are full of slush instead of ice. (My problem was that I had to bicycle to work today.) What scares me is that all of that snowmelt is dropping the soil temperatures, which means that we could be covered with snow and lots of ice by tomorrow morning. Since we don’t have snowplows at all, and we only have a few trucks for snow or sand, we could be in serious trouble.

  4. jenna_thorn
    jenna_thorn says:

    lovely photos – thank you for sharing

    Is it so pretty, though, isn’t it? We had more big fluffy snowflakes about an hour ago (my office is in Richardson) and it’s just so picturesque I can forget that it’s cold and will ice and everyone will freak out for tomorrow morning’s commute.

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Re: lovely photos – thank you for sharing

    I’ve got a real intense hill, literally uphill both ways, coming out from my house – if it’s icy, I just can’t go. Chris slid halfway down one side of the hill this morning, but fortunately the other wasn’t quite so slick.

  6. jenna_thorn
    jenna_thorn says:


    I’m not so lucky in the hill and the view, but I am in one of the dumb suburbs that has an alley running behind the house bordered by a big brick wall. If I lose it on my 30% decline coming out of my garage, I will take out that wall with my flirty, fun, and decidedly not four wheel drive convertible. I’m planning on tomorrow being a work-from-home snow day, yes, because the single most liekly place for me to wipe out on my whole commute? Is the twenty feet behind my house.

  7. admin
    admin says:

    Re: yikes

    Ouch! At least our driveway slope is gentle – and I could theoretically take out some fencing, but nothing that would total the car

  8. jenna_thorn
    jenna_thorn says:

    My dear friend moved from here to MN (Cottage Grove) and whenever we get weather, she laughs at me.

    But we have our State Fair in shirtsleeves, in October. 😎

  9. tilia_tomentosa
    tilia_tomentosa says:

    So you don’t normally get even that much snow? 🙂

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing. I just can’t get enough of snow photos. 🙂 Well, we don’t have much snow here. It snowed again yesterday, but it turned into rain in the evening, and now we have slush on the ground in the afternoons and ice at all other times.

    posted some photos of a real snow disaster in Maryland, but alas, his whole journal is friends-only.

  10. admin
    admin says:

    Dallas hasn’t gotten snow like this since 1989. What I’m concerned about, is the ice tomorrow morning – it’s slushy and wet now, but will be icy and slick after it freezes tonight!

  11. tilia_tomentosa
    tilia_tomentosa says:

    Ice is always the real problem here too. Otherwise rarely get more than about 10 cm of snow, and it doesn’t tend to last more than 2 or 3 days, maybe a week if it’s the coldest part of January. The trouble is when it half-melts and then freezes.

    Well, at least I don’t live on a hill.

    I got ‘s permission to copy and repost some of his snow photos… I just need a little time.

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