Silk Gut on a Fishing Fly

I’ve found someone (actually, he found me!) who makes authentic old-style tied fishing flies. I’ve read references to the use of silk gut – WARNING: silkworm gut is exactly what it sounds like! in them, but no clear detailed information on how it’s actually put together. These are some photos of a fly-in-progress by Paul Martin.
Photos and description

Teddy bear!

I made this for my new nephew. On the wise advice of a friend at work, I made another one in a coordinating color for my neice, so that there wouldn’t be issues about Who Got A Present.

The yarn is called “Velvet Touch.” I got it from another knitter at a garage sale. 100% synthetic, but really, really soft, and washable. Pattern from Sandra Polley’s Knitted Teddy Bear Book. It’s Oscar – but doesn’t look like it in the face.