Saga Nishiki workshop

This past week, I’ve been taking a Saga nishiki (also: saganishiki) workshop with Mihoko Karaki. It’s a Japanese weaving technique that uses a gilded or lacquered rice-paper warp, and a silk weft. The design possibilities are AMAZING. The technique is uniquely Japanese, and is used traditionally to make handbags, jewelry, obis, and special shoes.

This is the words – Saga nishiki – written out in Japanese.

This is a piece of Mihoko’s work.

Needless to say, mine is a lot simpler – and riddled with errors in tension and beat. Although by the end of the workshop, I was getting to the point of a two-color inlay brocade design, and my beat was considerably improved. Here’s a shot of my warp – a rose-path design, before I got into the second color.

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Needle sketching

I’ve been reading up on a style of embroidery called silk shading, thread painting, or needle painting. It’s a fairly realistic rendering style, using fine threads of silk or cotton.

This is more of a needle sketch, than a needle painting… I wanted to see if I could render this stargazer petal in silk. The silk is not my hand-dyed, it’s commercial Kreinik Soie Platte. I wish that I’d had a closer medium pink, and a darker purple-pink instead of the red – but, as a proof-of-concept type sketch, it worked out fine.

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Seeking help from folks with TIVO and DVD-R

My segment of HGTV’s That’s Clever is going to air TOMORROW!

It will be on FRIDAY Jan. 5, at 1 PM ET/PT – which means it airs at 1 on the East Coast, noon Central, and there’s a separate feed that airs later on the West Coast. I’m not sure what happens for the folks on Mountain Time.

I’m going to TIVO this and burn it to a DVD. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it up on my website, and/or YouTube.

HOWEVER – our area of Texas has been experiencing some stormy weather. We have a satellite dish. I’d hate to get a copy with weather blips in the video.

If you have TIVO or other DVR, and could record this to a DVD for me, I’d love to have some backups! I’ll be happy to send PayPal to cover DVD and mailing costs, or send you a skein of cool silk from India, or something else cool out of my collection of weird and ecclectic fiber arts supplies. I’d like to get 3 or so people, if that many are available and willing.