Saga Nishiki workshop

This past week, I’ve been taking a Saga nishiki (also: saganishiki) workshop with Mihoko Karaki. It’s a Japanese weaving technique that uses a gilded or lacquered rice-paper warp, and a silk weft. The design possibilities are AMAZING. The technique is uniquely Japanese, and is used traditionally to make handbags, jewelry, obis, and special shoes.

This is the words – Saga nishiki – written out in Japanese.

This is a piece of Mihoko’s work.

Needless to say, mine is a lot simpler – and riddled with errors in tension and beat. Although by the end of the workshop, I was getting to the point of a two-color inlay brocade design, and my beat was considerably improved. Here’s a shot of my warp – a rose-path design, before I got into the second color.

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Needle sketching

I’ve been reading up on a style of embroidery called silk shading, thread painting, or needle painting. It’s a fairly realistic rendering style, using fine threads of silk or cotton.

This is more of a needle sketch, than a needle painting… I wanted to see if I could render this stargazer petal in silk. The silk is not my hand-dyed, it’s commercial Kreinik Soie Platte. I wish that I’d had a closer medium pink, and a darker purple-pink instead of the red – but, as a proof-of-concept type sketch, it worked out fine.

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Seeking help from folks with TIVO and DVD-R

My segment of HGTV’s That’s Clever is going to air TOMORROW!

It will be on FRIDAY Jan. 5, at 1 PM ET/PT – which means it airs at 1 on the East Coast, noon Central, and there’s a separate feed that airs later on the West Coast. I’m not sure what happens for the folks on Mountain Time.

I’m going to TIVO this and burn it to a DVD. Hopefully I’ll be able to put it up on my website, and/or YouTube.

HOWEVER – our area of Texas has been experiencing some stormy weather. We have a satellite dish. I’d hate to get a copy with weather blips in the video.

If you have TIVO or other DVR, and could record this to a DVD for me, I’d love to have some backups! I’ll be happy to send PayPal to cover DVD and mailing costs, or send you a skein of cool silk from India, or something else cool out of my collection of weird and ecclectic fiber arts supplies. I’d like to get 3 or so people, if that many are available and willing.


Dream: Don't Wake Me Up When I'm Dreaming! LUCID

Note: this is a record of my dream from this morning. It includes material, including descriptions of gay sexual content, that may be objectionable to some people. If this would be likely to upset you, please don’t click through to read it.

Dream 20070102, 6:05 AM: Don't Wake Me Up When I'm Dreaming!