The Quick and the Slow

Sharon B over at In a Minute Ago started a fantastic discussion about Slow Cloth.

I find this whole discussion fascinating. I’m currently working on learning silk embroidery – a process which began in 2001 with raising silkworms, learning about cocoons, learning to reel silk, learning to throw, degum, and dye it, figuring out what kind of floss I want for the effect I’m aiming for – I’m definitely slow. Read more

More spools in more places…

I went and picked up more spools for the embroidery thread – and learned that they come in SIZES. These are shuttle quills, made by Louet, I believe. Before, I had only had the six-inchers. Now, I’ve got one that’s 3.5 inches, several that are 4.5 inches, and a bunch that are six inches.

I want to figure out which one I like the best, and get a bunch more to match. I’ll probably need 150 or more once it’s all said and done – I’m getting at least four distinct tones per color, although I’m aiming for five. Some of the dyes don’t seem to yield a wide dynamic range easily, but that may also just be my inexperience.

Help me decide…..

Embroidery silk spools

I’ve been working on getting ranges of color for my embroidery silks. These are wound on Louet cardboard pirns six inches long and about as big around as a pencil. The pink range is what I’ve been using to embroider the peony. These greens will form the leaves – the blues are just to have blues. Eventually, I want to have a rainbow box with all the shades I could possibly need.

The yellow-green range is the most recent. I’m getting better at getting a consistent leveling on the dye.

pink and blue under the cut

Scissors sheath

This is a ribbon that I wove this summer; I’ve stitched hook-eyes to the ends, and made it the ribbon for a scissors sheath.
Here is the entry about the ribbon and its book-mark friends, with some good close-up detail shots of the weaving.

Read more

Bailey and Spot

Bailey’s very lean, and so he gets cold easily. He was shivery after going outside, so I wrapped him up in a blanket. Spooky (also now called Spot) came and cuddled up with him.

Peony still in progress

This is the peony embroidery, still in progress:

I’ve gotten a lot more done, but it’s still got about a third of the flower to go. I just finished dyeing the silk for the leaves/stem, so I can work on that once I finish the petals.

This is the cool part about working with silk – when you move it, it catches the light.