More spools in more places…

I went and picked up more spools for the embroidery thread – and learned that they come in SIZES. These are shuttle quills, made by Louet, I believe. Before, I had only had the six-inchers. Now, I’ve got one that’s 3.5 inches, several that are 4.5 inches, and a bunch that are six inches.

I want to figure out which one I like the best, and get a bunch more to match. I’ll probably need 150 or more once it’s all said and done – I’m getting at least four distinct tones per color, although I’m aiming for five. Some of the dyes don’t seem to yield a wide dynamic range easily, but that may also just be my inexperience.

I feel like I’m doing an ad for AT&T, with “More Bars in More Places.”

The length of the spool affects how the cop winds on; each of these has approximately 85 yards of silk.

I like the way the long ones look like colored pencils. I like the way the short ones look like they have more thread on them. They’re identical in cost (forty five cents each) so that’s a non-issue. There may be some containers (like a tackle box) where the shorter ones will be easier to store – but by the same token, the long ones are slimmer, so a baggie will hold more of them. They all fit in my electric winder with no trouble. I can’t get the long ones and cut them in half; they would be too short then, and the edges would be ragged.

I think I’m leaning toward the little fat cops.

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  1. grain_damaged
    grain_damaged says:

    The smallest one’s will also be less likely to get snagged (less surface area than the larger one’s) Aesthetically I like the long ones because it gives your eye more color to look at all at once, but practically I think the smaller ones maybe more manageable. Happy stitching.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    LOL. Peacocks have always been my thing… I’ve got plans to do some embroidered feathers, once I get a few more shades dyed up, and figure out how to get the exact effect I want.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    It always surprises me, when I start to really LOOK at peacock feathers, how many diverse colors go into making them up…. lots of black, or near-black, and mauve, and olive, and copper-orange… I always expect a green, and blue, and purple, but there’s this whole beautiful rainbow.

    Some of the Asian techniques actually use peacock herl as a couching filament; I haven’t seen any in person, but they look cool in pictures.

  4. pir_anha
    pir_anha says:

    Re: More spools in more places…

    i find the longest ones more aesthetically appealing — not just the glorious long stretch of colour, but also the shape.

    but the small, fat ones might be more practical.

  5. elmsley_rose
    elmsley_rose says:

    I think the right size for the best storage is the key. Do you really want to store your silk in plastic baggies? Or compartments of one of the ‘little tool’ boxes for nails etc (bit bigger but I hope you know what I mean) or another option.

    Protecting your wormspit is important!

  6. admin
    admin says:

    Yes… of course, ideally, there would be carved sandalwood boxes (from ecologically sound sources, natch) with little fitted protective grooves. But, in a realistic world, I’m going to have to find something functional, and preferably inexpensive. I’ve got a little floss-keeping box, but it’s designed for little rectangular bobbins, and is too short for any kind of spool. I’ve considered the fact that the long ones would probably fit in the containers that artists use for colored pencils, which would be particularly apt. Colored pencils are my medium of choice most of the time if I’m drawing/painting. I’m hoping (hallucinating, probably) that some perfect container will pop up that will be clear-topped, divided into convenient little compartments, and long enough to hold at least the shortest ones.

  7. elmsley_rose
    elmsley_rose says:

    wow – acid free boxes!!

    And I nearly went *insane* trying to find suitable boxes to store my 200 oil colour pencils. they are currently in 12 or so little pencil tins.

    I’m in love.

  8. celtwoman
    celtwoman says:

    I *love* blues, and I *love* sandalwood, so I’m swooning.

    For my small hands the smaller bobbins are be easier to use. What feels right when you’re working? I would go for that first and look for storage boxes accordingly. There are a zillion of them out there, if you can allow plastic, you can find a box for any of these three.

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