Silk skeins

These are the skeins that go with my ribbon entry. This allows it to qualify in both the “Handwoven” and “Handspun” categories – the stone disc beads are to keep the tiny things from getting lost or blown off the table! Each skein is three to six yards of 110-cocoon reeled filament silk. My favorite is the ecru, for the way it shines.

Silk Season ribbon

This is one of two projects that I’m entering into our local Handweavers and Handspinners Guild. It’s called Silk Season. 100% silk, with all colors but red and black being my hand-reeled silk. I apologize for the weirdly blurry pictures; the red was driving the camera crazy.

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A question for all you design-type folks…

I’m working on designing a piece that will be emblematic of the four seasons. I’m going to have a four-armed solar cross in the center of a circle, with one quadrant for each season. What colors do you associate with the various seasons?

I’ve tried doing a traditional Wiccan representation, based on the elements, and although winter = earth summer = fire seems to work, it looks very un-seasonal with winter in green and spring in blue.

Currently, I’m kind of liking white=winter, green=spring, yellow-orange=summer, brown=autumn… but I’d really love to find a traditional set of colors, or ones that have a particular reasoning behind them. I can’t quite get my mind around the Medicine Wheel representation either, although the graphic looks a lot like one.

I don’t have enough graphic complexity to put in symbols that would make it clear, like snowflakes and new leaves; I wish I did!.

Kego surprise!

Wow, that was fast!

I took the Bombyx mori eggs out of cold storage on the 17th. Their typical time to hatch is 10 to 14 days. Apparently, there were some who didn’t read the manual! tiny, tiny baby worms!