State Fair of Texas!

I’m going to be demonstrating silk reeling and talking about caterpillars and sericulture at the Texas Discovery Gardens at 11 AM each Sunday and Monday through the run of the Fair. The Fair runs from Friday, Sept. 29 through Sunday, October 22. If you get down there, definitely stop and say howdy! I’m there for 40 minutes or so each morning on those Sunday and Monday dates.

Love and Moth Dust are In the Air!

And lots and lots of pheromones.

My partner Chris made me some silkworm trays; I looked at them and realized they might be *just* the thing for hanging the female moths in the yard to attract males. Last night was a perfect night for moth romance – it rained early in the evening, so it was cool and nice, and there was a light gentle breeze, and a little over half moon. I had three female moths which had hatched a day earlier, but hadn’t gotten any suitors the night before – so they were, well, REALLY in the mood.

It was… a moth orgy. Or, perhaps, a gang-bang.