For any of my DFW friends who go to State Fair

If you get out to the State Fair, and want to check out my cool premium-winning entries in Creative Arts – the skeins are in Case #40, and the ribbon is in Case #28. They’re both on the back wall – #40 is just to the right of the butter sculpture, #28 is about halfway down that same wall.

The only thing I wish they hadn’t done in displaying them, is they folded the ribbon with a big pleat in the center – obscuring most of the brocade of the silkmoth (and worm, and cocoon) that makes the ribbon make sense.

But hey – the important part is easily visible – the big blue ribbon with the rosette on top!


I put two pieces in the State Fair of Texas – a set of reeled silk skeins, and a tablet-woven silk ribbon.

Each of them took a blue ribbon in its category.

This is the first time I’ve entered a State Fair; I’m very pleased and excited!