We're Down to the Final Three….

We’ve placed seven of the eleven kittens and we’ve trapped the mommas and taken them to KittiCo and gotten them fixed, vaccinated, tested, etc.

We’ve still got three kittens that need homes. They’re sweet little kitties; they’ve been handled since they were about four weeks, and they’ve been living inside for most of a month now. One (Tiger, brown tabby male) is from the litter I took to the vet for worming and flea treatment; he is about a week or so ahead of the others in age. The other two (Spookey, black short-hair male, and OG, red tabby male) haven’t been wormed or flea treated, but living inside with the other kittens has gotten them pretty flea-free. They use the litter box just fine, are easy to handle, etc. Please let me know if you know of any homes for these little guys!

Photos of the kittens!

MORE Kittens!!

We had a cat deliver kittens under our back deck. We have placed all but one… little Tiger.

This is Tiger. Tiger is about 9-10 weeks old, litter trained, flea-treated, and wormed. He’s been handled daily since about 5 weeks, and he’s lived inside with us for the past three weeks. He’s energetic and has a good disposition. He’s ready to be somebody’s kitty. He’s a really precious cat, but we have 3 (we’re keeping one kitten, and already have two other rescue cats) plus three dogs. Our house is FULL.

We are also helping to place another litter which Momma Kitty’s adult daughter, whom we call Pretty Kitty, had across the street. The folks there have been feeding and handling these kittens for almost 5 weeks. Since we took away Momma Kitty’s kittens, she’s been helping to raise and feed her daughter’s litter, and she brings them over to our house for additional food. These are all boys. They’re a little younger than our litter; they’re probably 8 weeks now, eating solid food all the time and so far as we can tell no longer nursing. They haven’t gone to the vet, but appear in good health. We flea-treated Momma Kitty (who is the grandmother of these kittens), and it seems like it’s cut down on their fleas – they do have a few, but not many. Yes, we are working with KittiCo to get Momma Kitty and Pretty Kitty spayed, and we’ll neuter our kitten when it’s old enough.

(Momma Kitty on the right, Pretty Kitty on the left)
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