Mask of Zorro!

This exotic-looking face greeted me this evening – I was kind of surprised to see him, because I thought the cocoon would overwinter! It’s an exquisitely beautiful moth, Eupackardia calleta. Click here to see the history of it. The first impression is that it’s just black, but there’s a lot going on color-wise with its wings and its fur. This face kind of reminds me of a Zorro costume.
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My proposal for a tablet weaving class in March of ’05 in San Antonio was accepted – and they’ve even found a gluten-intolerant person to put me up with! I’m very excited about this. It’s so cool to be teaching this stuff; it’s a technique that I really enjoy, but it’s a little on the obscure side. And it’s especially gratifying to learn that in a real-world workshop, I can actually make decent money teaching it!

Dream: The Drawer Full of Money LUCID

[real life notes: Chris and I are having a potentially relationship-breaking period, which puts some of this in perspective. The dream is successful in a couple of respects; I’ve been trying to get certain pieces of old silver money to show up in my dreams, and I did successful reality testing. Also, my living room is nothing like the one in the Kingwood house which Mom and Dad used to own (but no longer do) and I don’t have any reclining chairs here.]
Dream 20040711, 7:00 AM: The Drawer Full of Money LUCID