The Cambodians

On the left: a hybrid white Chinese strain. On the right: the Cambodian land race cocoon.

I’ve been raising some silkworms from Cambodia. They’re Bombyx mori, same as all the other domesticated silkworms – but they’ve been bred for centuries to withstand the particular stresses and hardships of Cambodia’s hot, humid climate. They are MUCH smaller than most of the regular strains, and they make a brilliant yellow cocoon.

You know there’s gonna be caterpillars…

My brocade article in WeaveZine!

The new issue of WeaveZine is up, and my article on brocading is in it!

I’m always excited to have something get printed (or, well, electro-published?) – but this format is particularly neat because it allows me to explain with video. So much of textile work is “And then I go like this, and it folds over like that..” and it’s hard to explain in words. The video helps a lot, I think.

Radio Salaam Namaste

I didn’t know, until we ran across it on the radio dial the other day – we have the first “Desi” (South Asian) radio station in the US here in DFW – Radio Salaam Namaste. I occasionally enjoy the Bollywood sound, and they’re all over it! sunflower_andi, I bet you would like it too.

You can listen live on the web, too.

The thing that amuses me most, is when they slip seamlessly back and forth between English and Hindi. I’m used to hearing it from Spanish-speakers (Spanglish) – but I’ve never heard it in another language. With the strong accents, I sometimes can’t tell when it’s English and when it’s not.

Tasar Box

I love, love, LOVE getting packages from India.

They are always full of wonderful stuff – but they also have the most charming and interesting packaging. It seems like they’re put together with a particular aesthetic – like they’re put together with precision and care… out of whatever’s at hand.

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Asian Festival 2008 – see y'all there!

It’s time once again for the Dallas Asian Festival! It’s at the Dallas City Hall plaza.
The City Hall site has a link to a map, and directions.

Here’s my post from last year’s Festival – it was a good event! Very busy, lots of neat things to see and do. I didn’t get to get out of the booth much, but there was all kinds of food and drink and hands-on crafts and cultural entertainment.

I’ll be with the Crow Collection’s booths; last year, they were green and yellow, but I’m not sure if they’re the same this year.