My brocade article in WeaveZine!

The new issue of WeaveZine is up, and my article on brocading is in it!

I’m always excited to have something get printed (or, well, electro-published?) – but this format is particularly neat because it allows me to explain with video. So much of textile work is “And then I go like this, and it folds over like that..” and it’s hard to explain in words. The video helps a lot, I think.

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  1. kristenred
    kristenred says:

    I read the article and loved it. I have no talent for things like this, and watching how it is done fascinates me.

    Also, I followed the link to your website and your work is gorgeous – breathtaking. Thank you so much for including it here. 🙂

  2. newperspectives
    newperspectives says:

    Brilliant! I’d been wanting to try brocaded tablet weaving, but was somehow daunted by it. The videos are especially helpful, and I think I’m feeling confident enough to give it a go!

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Excellent! Definitely let me know how it goes, if you end up trying it – I’ve taught this many times in person, but this is the first time I’ve written it out for an article, and I am curious to see if I’ve left anything significant out.

  4. de_foxley
    de_foxley says:

    Most Excellent!

    A most excellent article! and thank you for the link. [I love your work, I love your work, I love your work . . . ] 🙂

  5. lightfootcim
    lightfootcim says:

    Nice! I have been having problems with getting started with brocade, but now that I can see it in action, it solves alot of the problems that I was having! The best part is that I can replay it as many times as necessary. Your method seems easier than the “normal” way of doing brocade too. Talk about “working smarter and not harder” LOL! Thanks!

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