Broken Bow

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Chris and I and the dogs joined my folks at Broken Bow, OK, for a short and very relaxing vacation.

There are mostly flower photos, some river pix, and a couple of bees behind the cut.

Out on the river….

Name tag sections

This still has quite a ways to go, but I’m happy with how it’s progressing. I’ve sewn together the strips; now, I need to dye it (Aztec Gold), and then line and assemble the pouch.

I really, really like the knots and birds.

The name part is a little… intense. You can certainly read it from across the room. I may do some beadwork around the edges or something, to lighten this up a little. It should be better once it’s gold, too.

It’ll have a strap, eventually – I’m considering a strapwork design, or maybe an Egyptian Diagonals design. I’ve been having some serious fun with that stuff.

Dallas Asian Festival

Dallas Asian Festival

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I’m going to be demonstrating silk reeling all day Saturday at the Dallas Asian Festival. If you’re in Dallas this weekend and want to come by and see, it’s free (although I’m not certain about whether they’ve arranged for free visitor parking – there may be a parking fee) at the City Hall Plaza downtown. The Festival is open 11 AM – 5 PM. I’ll be near the Children’s Activities and the Crow Collection booth.

I’m very happy with how this pattern is working out.

This is more tablets than I’ve ever had on the loom at one time – it’s causing some tension problems, but I think I’m getting them mostly sorted. This will eventually be the back of a fancy woven name tag / pouch – it will have my name on the front, and this on the back, and then a woven neck strap. Kind of like those little pouches you get at conventions that hold your convention badge and your meal ticket – but for the hardcore handweaver set.
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