We're Down to the Final Three….

We’ve placed seven of the eleven kittens and we’ve trapped the mommas and taken them to KittiCo and gotten them fixed, vaccinated, tested, etc.

We’ve still got three kittens that need homes. They’re sweet little kitties; they’ve been handled since they were about four weeks, and they’ve been living inside for most of a month now. One (Tiger, brown tabby male) is from the litter I took to the vet for worming and flea treatment; he is about a week or so ahead of the others in age. The other two (Spookey, black short-hair male, and OG, red tabby male) haven’t been wormed or flea treated, but living inside with the other kittens has gotten them pretty flea-free. They use the litter box just fine, are easy to handle, etc. Please let me know if you know of any homes for these little guys!

OG always seems serious. He reminds me of my Granddad’s barn cat. He’s got the same kind of lanky frame.

It seems like we always catch photos of Tiger sleeping. I guess that’s because it’s the only time he’s still long enough! He’s one of those kittens with two speeds… OFF, and ZOOOOM!

Here’s one with his eyes open.

Spookey is the lover of the bunch. He loves to sit on your shoulder… he became Cleavage Cat when Chris’s friend KB visited from Missouri.

I love his expressions. He’s a LOLCAT waiting to happen. His eyes remind me of people eyes – they go round in the middle.

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    :chuckle: I just hope I can find homes for these boys… I want for them to have wonderful lives, but I also want to stop tripping over them. Three adult (albeit small) dogs, two adult cats, four kittens = too much, even with cute!

  2. sunflower_andi
    sunflower_andi says:

    Thanks to YOU – I have two wonderful kitties and I am not really a cat person … or I wasnt until now. Now, I am eye-balling all sorts of cute cat-like things (from toys for the cats to shower curtains and other house decorative things).

    I hope you place those cute boys!

    PS: Daphne/Guardian is doing very well. Agatha/Patch is a total sweety but MAN!!! She is VOCAL! TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK! =)

  3. quinek
    quinek says:

    *cries* I wish I could take Spooky! I am a sucker for black kitties–he would be #3! If this were December I would stop by Texas on my way to Kansas!

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah, he’s a sweetie – we’re actually torn about keeping him and Bob both (Bob isn’t pictured – don’t wanna confuse the “please take this kitten” kittens with MY kitteh!)

  5. admin
    admin says:

    LOL…. love that picture!

    We found the coolest, least-expensive cat toy… called a Cat Dancer. Just piano wire and cardboard, but it’s the favorite of all so far!

    Glad she’s doing well, and that they have such a good home!

  6. admin
    admin says:

    LOL. Yah – but for them I have an FDA permit, and they do OK with a multi-day trip in a sealed box! Kitties would be a little more challenging….

  7. twistedcat
    twistedcat says:

    so very cute

    there’s a stupid rule in our house that the cats can’t outnumber the people.

    stupid rule

    *kicks rule*

    hey, i’ll be in TX in November! come to a book signing and say hi!

  8. niamh_sage
    niamh_sage says:

    That second OG picture is also a LOLCAT IMO:

    “Hmmm…help you, I can”


    You take really nice pictures of the kittens, btw. They fill the frame beautifully, so you get more kitten than anything else 😀

  9. admin
    admin says:

    Hee. We have two humans, three dogs, and three (well, right now, six…) cats. We’re way over quota.

    Any idea where and when you’ll be here?

  10. twistedcat
    twistedcat says:

    these two are confirmed:

    Thursday, November 15, 6:00 PM
    Unlimited Thought Bookstore
    5525 Blanco Road, Suite 107, San Antonio, TX

    Friday, November 16, 4:00 PM
    Metaphysical Matrix
    2727 Fondren, Suite 5M, Houston, TX

    i’m looking at being in austin for two days, either the 12th and 13th or the 13th and 14th (confirming the austin appearance today), with the third day hopefully being a signing in dallas. either that or i may do three days in austin. we certainly have enough people to visit with there between the two of us (bringing The Boi(tm) with me).

  11. malvoisine
    malvoisine says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh – stop torturing me with kitty cuteness. I want one so bad I can’t stand it, but we’re only allowed two furry pets per on base. Sigh. I like the snake, but it’s just not the same as kitteh!

  12. admin
    admin says:

    Hee. Here, the kitteh BRINGS you the snake!

    I got up out of my warm bed and walked quietly across the floor, because Chris was still sleeping. I felt a tickle on my foot… not like “you have crushed a cockroach” feeling, but like “a spider has walked on your foot.” I picked up the foot pronto, and what should greet me but a tiny snake! I took photos; he’s back out in the Great Outdoors now. Greysie brings them inside to play with, and often loses them.

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