Silk Season ribbon

This is one of two projects that I’m entering into our local Handweavers and Handspinners Guild. It’s called Silk Season. 100% silk, with all colors but red and black being my hand-reeled silk. I apologize for the weirdly blurry pictures; the red was driving the camera crazy.

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    admin says:

    Hmm… well, depends on whether you count the reeling of the reeled thread. If not, then about 10 hours or so of warping and weaving. If so, then 15 – 20 hours all together. If I count the design time, then another dozen or so hours.

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    admin says:

    Actually, it comes with a gift certificate (haven’t found out how much yet) to their shop – which is full of weaving, spinning, and other textile books! Yaay!

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