Silk skeins

These are the skeins that go with my ribbon entry. This allows it to qualify in both the “Handwoven” and “Handspun” categories – the stone disc beads are to keep the tiny things from getting lost or blown off the table! Each skein is three to six yards of 110-cocoon reeled filament silk. My favorite is the ecru, for the way it shines.

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Yah… it was funny to me, thinking of them as skeins as well… I really wanted to enter them on spools or cards, but they *have* to go in as skeins. So… skein it is. I would need 50 yards as a “handspun” entry, but since it’s a handspun component of a woven entry, they assume the bulk of the handspun yarn has gone into the item, so you enter the item plus 3-yard skeins for them to see the yarn.

    I was picturing things like them getting knocked off the table, or sticking to someone’s sleeve – thus, the “anchor” beads!

  2. unluckymonkey
    unluckymonkey says:

    Well I can’t wait to hear how it goes. I’m SURE you have the eye for presentation and will have a lovely display. It would be fun to display them with some sort of tiny tag and old fashioned propped up magnifying glass. I wish I had an eye for such things. I’m an artist but presentation fails me every time. That’s why I’m so nervous about the store. EEP! So you probably shouldn’t listen to me one bit.

    You need to make one of those audio journal entries. I confess that with the tough guy pic and the atypical hobbies for a male I flip flop between rugged and swishy for the voice I give you when I read your entries. I will ruin the mystery right now. I sound like a muppet or a fraggle.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    I sound like a muppet or a fraggle.

    Actually, I think mine varies a lot. It really depends on what I’m talking about – the more I’m talking about some of my atypical hobbies, the more it tends to sound, not necessarily swishy, but kind of geeky/excitable. I do a lot of talking on the phone, and I’ve been told I’ve got a good telephone voice, and some people have said I should do voice-overs, if that helps any. I also used to train tour guides. We’re walking, we’re walking… here, in the formal parlor, the Millers received important guests and held their most formal affairs. You’ll notice the mirrors on the bottoms of these cabinets…

    Maybe I’ll have to figure out the phone post, and do a couple of different ones –

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