Scissors sheath

This is a ribbon that I wove this summer; I’ve stitched hook-eyes to the ends, and made it the ribbon for a scissors sheath.
Here is the entry about the ribbon and its book-mark friends, with some good close-up detail shots of the weaving.

Close-up of the hook-eye end. For those of you who are interested in things like that – it’s Gutermann 100/3 silk sewing thread, I think it’s 41 tablets (but don’t quote me on that!) in a double-face pattern I adapted from an Elizabethan portrait.

It’s a 28″ ribbon, plus the chain on the scissors sheath itself, so it hangs fairly low, and it’s easy to get over my head. It’s going to be a present, so I wanted to be sure it would hang in a place convenient to most people.

The chain twists a little too much; I may end up replacing it with a different kind of chain. The chain does need to be there (instead of having the ribbon attach directly to the sides of the sheath) because the hook-eyes bump the handles of the scissors and look wrong.

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  1. geodyne
    geodyne says:

    This is simply stunning. The recipient is going to be very lucky. I don’t think you’ve posted about this ribbon before? Where did you find the scissors sheath?

  2. admin
    admin says:

    I had posted a photo of the ribbon along with some of the bookmarks that made up the rest of the warp, a while back… but didn’t show the whole piece. I got the scissors sheath on Ebay – it’s made for an old-fashioned chatelaine.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    LOL. These are actually scissors that I got from an Ebay seller, who got them from the TSA seizures.

    Although, I think they’re short enough that now they’d go through. But still, I pack that kind of stuff in checked baggage.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Lovely stuff

    This is really beautiful work! Its a really nice update of the chatelaine too. Have a great holiday

    Gina (Soper Lane)

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