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  1. paroxytone
    paroxytone says:

    Very cute :). Our little dog gets cold easy too (he’s pretty lean), so he wears a little sweater (no, we don’t dress him in goofy outfits), but he loves the sort of fake fur throw on our couch. The cat goes into ecstasy when he gets on it so they end up snuggled together. Until the cat does something to provoke the dog into play, that is.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Yup – these two have a pretty good relationship. We’ve got 3 of each now, and it’s fun to see how all their inter-species arrangements work out.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Oh, yeah… three dogs, three cats. That’s if you don’t count the 3 outside cats (who are not my kitties, they are God’s Kitties, but I feed them while he’s busy.) It’s a full house.

  4. monkeyjunk
    monkeyjunk says:

    Oh teh cute!!!

    You are so lucky they get along so well!!!
    Our dog lives downsatirs, and our cat rules the roost upstairs.
    They do not tolerate being in the same room together, and certainly, there will be no cuddling involved!
    What cute kids you have!

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Oh teh cute!!!

    It’s funny how they work out their little inter-species dynamics. This kitten gets along best with this one particular dog… another cat gets along better with our older dog. We’ve got three of each now, so it’s like a whole little family. Kego, the Sheltie-mix dog, dislikes when anybody gets too rambunctious, and will snap and growl to settle them down.

  6. paroxytone
    paroxytone says:

    The funniest thing is watching the cat antagonize the dog into play. They’re both about the same size (though the cat is bigger, but not that big), so whent hey play it’s an even match. Even funnier to me is the dog really doesn’t pay attention to the cat unless he’s worked up, or thinks the cat is getting his food.

    Our previous dog would stand over the cat and the cat would automatically go submissive. These two run around. In the morning they run after each other for about a half hour. I really should get some video of it up so you can see.

  7. paroxytone
    paroxytone says:

    Re: Oh teh cute!!!

    I believe you can get most dogs to be fine with cats as long as you introduce them slowly, and make the dog feel like the cat isn’t encroaching on his territory. We did that with our other dog and the two mostly ignored each other.

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