More happy bobbins

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I found out that I can do this in the course of a (longish) evening:

That’s a bobbin full of four-strand tram.  I can do the tram much faster, because it’s twisted about five times per inch, instead of 20.  This is going to be a soft, shiny yarn for embroidery.

It’s cool that you can see the difference in twist just from the sheen… the shiny one on top is the tram, five twists per inch; the one on the bottom is three-strand singles for organzine, at 20 twists per inch.

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  1. fabricdragon
    fabricdragon says:

    you spun that? wow…. what are you starting from ? cocoons?
    what do you spin on for those?

    i am always impressed, but those are indeed shiny….

  2. admin
    admin says:

    It’s reeled filament silk. I’m just adding twist. Formerly, this was a huge bottleneck for me – it was VERY slow to twist using a 7:1 wool wheel, and difficult to keep it regular using the much faster electric wheel. Now, with the Lendrum, I can combine fast and regular, and get pretty good even results.

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