AMNH: The Video

The Silk Road exhibit was SO COOL. I was able to get a couple of photos on Wednesday, when one of the exhibit folks took me on a behind-the-scenes tour, but I told her I wasn’t going to publish those. I’ll try to get the publishable photos processed soon.

In the meantime, the AMNH folks have posted the video edit – this is the video that shows every few minutes on the 48″ HD screen:

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  1. jesslin
    jesslin says:

    Short, sweet, and to the point. And reminds me that the four or five cocoons I bought on a whim are *not* going to be enough for me to try my hand at silk reeling 😀

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah… I usually don’t advise people to start with fewer than 50. You really want to reel together about 15 – 25, but if you have lots of extras it keeps you from getting too stressed about the individual cocoons.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Ah; I didn’t know if the Bulgarian was similar. Some of the languages, the word is at least recognizable as a cognate… others, nothing like.

  4. elmsley_rose
    elmsley_rose says:

    It was great to hear you talk (you weren’t anywhere near as ‘Texan’y’ as I expected) and moving – you in the flesh

    The vid was very informative

    The insertion of the historical pictures was lovely. (including the little animation!)

  5. tilia_tomentosa
    tilia_tomentosa says:

    No, the Bulgarian word is “nothing like”. 🙂

    I guess the simplest transcription into the Roman alphabet for you would be “pashkul” (with the “u” stressed and pronounced like in “put”). I have no idea what the etymology is.

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