The Silk Road to New York

Chris and I are going to be heading up to New York City for the opening of “Traveling the Silk Road” at the American Museum of Natural History.   My silkworms and I were video’d this summer, and will be part of the exhibit video that visitors will see as they walk through.  We’ll be there from the evening of the 9th through the afternoon of the 12th; the exhibit reception is on the evening of the 10th.  Unfortunately, it’s an invitation-only gig, so I can’t bring friends to that – the exhibit opens to the public on the 14th.   I’m going to try to meet up with some of my fiber buds while there.  So far, we’re planning a get-together at Risotteria the evening of the 11th.  The only other thing that I know for sure is on the plan, is an afternoon visit to Habu. If you would like to say howdy while we’re there, drop me a line, and I’ll see what we can do!

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Re: *waves* Native here.

    Can you tell me a little about the weather there this time of year? I have checked, but it doesn’t always give you the same sense of a place as talking with somebody who lives in it. Like, when it says, “showers,” does that mean brief bursts of torrential rain (like we get here a lot) or is it likely to be dripping wet all day? I don’t think I even have an umbrella that will go in my suitcase, mine are all big. I’m thinking mostly layers for being outside walking; should I pack the heavy coat too?

  2. bronxelf_ag001
    bronxelf_ag001 says:

    Re: *waves* Native here.

    Weather in November is changeable. We do not USUALLY see snow before Gothmas, but it has been known to happen (it happened last year) Showers usually mean sporadic real rain, but cloudy, misty and gray all day long. (We had this on Halloween night- I got caught in the “rain” part of it.)

    No need to bring an umbrella- they are *VERY* easily bought on nearly every steetcorner in Manhattan every time the sky opens up.

    Layers are your best bet, however we don’t get the *real* cold until late December-February. Temps right now range from the upper 50s, to the 30s or so at night. By the end of the month that average drops about 10 degrees.

    PS: Make sure your gathering at Rissottoria is either smallish or well timed- the restaurant is *delicious*, but the place is a little tight and can get a bit crowded in the evenings.

    PPS: The people at Habu are very nice. I’ve been there several times.

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