Easter Egg Cocoons

This isn’t my photo, but I’m using it with permission because it illustrates so perfectly the variety of cocoons you can get from Bombyx silkworms.  There are six strains in these seven containers; they are all Bombyx mori, the colors, sizes, and shapes are genetic.  The names really only make sense to me, but starting with the back left, they are Avi’s Striped, MFW (Mulberry Farms White – before they changed hybrids), Howard’s Gold, Rosa Pink, more Howard’s Gold, Howard’s White, and Halla’s Peach.  My friend who raised the cocoons and took the photo enjoys raising the silkworms, but doesn’t work with the cocoons, so he sends them to me – and a package from him is always a welcome treat!

A variety of silk cocoons

A variety of silk cocoons

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Nope. Even with starting from free cocoons, I could make *maybe* fifteen cents an hour. I’ve occasionally traded, but I just can’t afford to sell the stuff, time-wise.

  2. imbri6
    imbri6 says:

    So despite the gorgeous colors now, they’ll be white/off-white by the time you degum and reel and all? How very sad! Such pretty colors, especially that VIBRANT yellow!

  3. admin
    admin says:

    I can reel them and not lose the yellow, the pink colors tend to fade even with the drying. Degumming takes all the color out and leaves you with a yellowish “natural.”

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