Dream 20080117: Skateboarding over to see Kevin

Dream 20080117 I’m at the Kingwood house, and Richard is there with me. I want to go and visit my old school friend Kevin, so we start walking out of the house. I have a skateboard, and instead of standing on it, I’m sitting, in kind of a lounging position, and pushing myself along with my hands, as if I were paddling a canoe. I don’t know why it seems like the thing to do. We get to Kingwood Drive, a big street, and Richard just walks straight across without checking traffic. He is OK, but it worries me. We go to a shopping center that is across that street, and I walk into a shop. It’s a comic books shop – but everything is old style, Steampunk-esque. I remember looking at a very tall (like eight feet) wooden rack of old magazines, and seeing the Horned God illustration from an old Green Egg (originally, it was an inside illo, but in this one it was a cover). There were a bunch of comics books, all old and slightly yellowed. I found a typewriter-like device that made greeting cards; you could type in what you wanted it to say, and it had certain key-strokes that would make messages. It printed onto a yellowed tan-color card stock, that had some layouts like a table inked on it. I make a card, but it’s more of a set of type samples than anything else.

We leave the store, and walk down the shopping center to a little restaurant. Somehow Kevin is here now (he lives some miles away, and at first I thought we were going to his house). So we sit and eat – soup of some kind – and then we go to a tiny theater (like half a dozen people) and watch a movie. It’s like a critic’s screening. I remember the movie being over and seeing the lights go up and people talking about the film, but I don’t remember the film itself.

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  1. labrys6
    labrys6 says:

    Obviously, I don’t know you well enough to “know” your dreaming style, but when I have a dream of appealing and beautiful imagery like this it always seems a combo of a need for rest and respite AND missing people I haven’t seen in a while. Your mention of the Green Egg makes me miss a magazine I haven’t seen in a while, one I caught teasing for buying: The Green Man (billed itself as for male pagan spirituality….so being female, I got asked if my inner dyke was finally taking over!) Perhaps it is the time of year that makes us nostalgic?

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