ADULT CONTENT – or why I'm setting my journal default back to "innocent"

I’m really frustrated with LiveJournal’s Adult Content settings. I had set my journal default to “Adult Concepts” because some of my dreamwork stuff is racy, and even in ordinary entries I occasionally use some blue language.

HOWEVER, it’s been causing the entries to be collapsed on outside news readers, and is in general a Pain In My Arse. The only thing that shows on my Ravelry Page, for instance, is the content warning… instead of a picture of a half-embroidered peony.

SO – I’m setting this journal default
back to “No Adult Concepts,”
If you’re on my Friends List
and you don’t want to be faced
with the potential of reading this
kind of material, please unfriend me.

The dream material is *always* behind a cut with an explanation, and I’ll tag those entries going forward with the one-entry Adult Content flag… but I hate having people clicking through to see my silk or a picture of a kitten, thinking it’s going to be something naughty. Or, NOT clicking through, because they think it’s something they won’t want to see.

I think this system is dysfunctional, and I hope that LJ will fix it… but that’s where I’m at for now. Please COMMENT if you un-friend me, so I’ll know.

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  1. paroxytone
    paroxytone says:

    Eh, I don’t worry about putting mine on an Adult setting because the only people who can see my journal are friends (it’s FO by default). If you get added, you’re probably not likely to complain about adult content. Besides, I don’t ever post racy stuff about myself, and maybe once in a while I’ll post a hilarious craigslist post or something like that.

  2. ingaborg
    ingaborg says:

    I don’t see any problem with minors reading most of the “adult content” anyway. Either they don’t understand it, in which case no harm is done, or they already are familiar with the concepts, in which case, er, no harm is done. And I think that seeing things referred to in a straightforward way probably does more good than harm.

    By the way, the font in which I am typing this comment is terribly small, maybe 2 pts, and I think it must be a setting on your journal. Please excsue me if I have written rubbish – I can’t really see what I’ve written!

  3. elmsley_rose
    elmsley_rose says:

    gotta say – it was kind of weird clicking through the warning, to see a picture of a kittie or a peony! I was waiting with anticipation to see something that actually *was* naughty with the evil part of my mind – but then again, I probably wouldn’t read it simply because I think that sort of stuff is, well, personal. But that’s just me.

    dunno. never seen any of your naughty bits!

    hope you are well. I’m taking a break from the heat, and embroidering strawberries in my slightly cooler bedroom, where my computer is

  4. malvoisine
    malvoisine says:

    I was wondering what was going on – I didn’t *really* think that embroidery was a cause for all the panic and content labels (well, okay, I guess it *could* have been little teeny penises over & over again in a festive border, but whatever….). I’m still here, still readin’ your stuff, always excited when there’s a new post!

  5. admin
    admin says:

    That would so totally rock… festive penis border… or maybe a scene of the nuns from “Image on the Edge,” picking penises from the penis-tree…

    How’s by you? Chris and I are trying to get back on the working-out-eating-healthy bandwagon; this morning was the first one back at the gym. Ugh. I’ve gotten SO out of shape.

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