At the Crow again – but this time, at NIGHT!

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This Friday, February 20, I’m going to be at the Crow Collection of Asian Art.  I do a lot of demos there, but this one’s a little different – they’re doing a joint presentation with the Dallas Museum of Art’s Late Night program.  So people will be going back and forth to both museums, with hands-on kids projects, Lion Dances, oud music, belly dancing, coffee tastings, wine tastings… and me, reeling silk and talking about silkworms.

I’ll be there from six to ten PM.  Usually, they put me in the second-floor Jade Room… but some of the arranging is still up in the air.  When I was there two weeks ago, I spoke to most of a thousand people in the course of three hours.  For more information, click on either of the links above!  Admission at the Crow is free; admission at the DMA is $10.  If you want to see the King Tut exhibit, that’s extra.

This is the room they usually put me in, but without the benches in the middle.

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  1. trickykitty
    trickykitty says:

    Thank you so much for the awesome demonstration! I was lucky to see it along with Paul & Caroline and some other friends that were there as well. I did not formally meet as you were quite busy with your demonstrations and I ran off after a bit for some of the other events at the DMA. I still wanted to thank you for the demonstration; it was amazingly informative. From a person who had little-to-no knowledge of the subject, I was quite fascinated, as were all of my friends that also watched. I just wanted to pass that little bit on to you. We appreciated it quite a lot.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Thanks! I really enjoy doing these, and it makes my day when people like the demos.

    I love the fact that the crowd is always enthusiastic, but it does make it difficult to get to meet people. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet you some other time?

  3. trickykitty
    trickykitty says:

    Since you live in the DFW area that is quite possible. I only occasionally attend these sort of events, but I never really know when I’ll be up and out of my hermitude.

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