Yaaay for prizes!!

I just got back from this state-wide fiber arts convention. My class was small (only four people signed up!) but they did well and I think learned a lot. I’ve forgotten how draining it can be to stand up and talk for hours and hours. A lot of people expressed interest, and some of them are talking about hosting me for workshops, which is very pleasing. I enjoy teaching.

The Orangeganzine took First Place in its category, Handspun. And the medallion ribbon took BEST IN SHOW!!

It was not a tiny show. I was floored. There was some amazing stuff there.

And, on an also-very-cool note – they were CASH PRIZES. The coordinator was handing out the envelopes, and I didn’t realize they were checks – she said to the crowd at large, “And if any of you were wondering if Best in Show is like another first place, or if it’s more… it’s more.” I thought she was talking about how it was decided, like if it ranked with the others… but it was more, in the envelope. Wow. I’ve never won a cash prize for my weaving work before. Of course, I promptly spent most of it on books, tools, and prezzies. And cocoons!

Tussah silkmoth eggs

If anybody who reads this wants some Chinese Oak Tussah silkmoth eggs, I’m going to have a bunch on hand. Please email me privately at oakenking (at) gmail.com.
They eat oak leaves, and produce a golden-tan silk. The moths are huge, docile, and very pretty. Read more

Silkworm gut

Silkworm Gut

Silkworm gut used to be the preferred material for making fly fishing leaders. It is flexible, strong, and very nearly clear; it’s amazing that it’s actually natural, it looks so much like plastic. PLEASE NOTE: This page shows the dissection of a silkworm for the gut; if you don’t want to see that, please don’t read on.
Show me the bug guts!…

Well, the answer is: the synthetic spider silk does take dye.

It takes dye very well, pretty much identically to how the bombyx does. It has a slightly more tan shade, but not as dark as tussah silk.

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I haven’t ever posted any of the memes, quizzes, etc., in my journal. But this one has brought out so many interesting facts about my friends list folks, and has given me a lot of food for thought… ten things: