Ribbon – finished!

The ribbon is finished!

Photos and info

Here’s how it hangs. This isn’t the medallion that will be on it, but it makes it hang right.

This shows the name, and the center laurel wreath. It’s also signed with my C just to the right of the laurel wreath. Philip White is the SCA persona of the person I’m making it for.

This is what I ended up with as the piece to hang the medallion from. It’s a pewter hook-and-eye eye; I think it looks great with the ribbon.

I finally got a good photo of one of the oak leaves – it decided to play nice and not wash out with the flash.

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  1. geodyne
    geodyne says:

    That’s really gorgeous – the catch goes very well with the ribbon. And I love the blackwork in the first photo.

    You made the ribbon using tablet weaving?

  2. draco_kc
    draco_kc says:

    Absolutely exquisite work! During my SCA days, back in undergrad (I was Ld. Fiachna MacLaisre, OGCS, back in those days), I did a bit of tablet weaving as well, including using sewing thread for a few projects. Never used silk, though. The result is just gorgeous!

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah, I heard that we had the tiny-tablet-weaving in common; sewing thread has always been my medium of choice for little ribbons. I’m loving the way the silk behaves, though – and, of course, the did-it-from-scratch factor really turns me on.

  4. artkouros
    artkouros says:

    That’s a LOT of good work. Congrats.

    I should be back on my regular travel schedule now that the holidays are over — hope to see you towards the end of the month.

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Ooh… guess I need to check stock, and whip up some more soap! I got pretty much wiped out at Christmas, and haven’t had a chance to pour replacement stock, for working on silk stuff.

    Right now, I have on hand about four bars of Orange Flower, two bars of Patchouli, and a lot of Spearmint Patchouli.

  6. greyfortholly
    greyfortholly says:

    Excellent find with that hook-and-eye eye! The placing of those 3 tiny circles that you have stitched the ribbon to it with make it all look like it was meant for that ribbon. Where did you find it?

    Excellent work with that ribbon! Do you have any pics of other pieces you have created?

    Beautiful colors! Excellent work!

  7. rixende
    rixende says:

    Loved the smell of the Patchouli/Spearmint at 12th night. I would have never put those together, but they were to die for! I was really glad to meet you there…(I’m Mistress Signy’s apprentice, for ppoint of reference)

  8. admin
    admin says:

    Howdy! It was a pleasure meeting you!

    I came upon mint/patchouli blends entirely by accident, many years ago – it’s become a staple of my line. That, and I really love patchouli.

  9. admin
    admin says:

    The hook and eye thing, I found at a local fabric store. I knew I could find them online, but by the time I figured out that was what I needed, didn’t have the time to wait for mail order.

    You can find them at lacis.com – it’s under Drafting, under costume; it won’t let me pull a specific page ID, because it’s one of those annoying sites where the page ID’s don’t show up for interior pages.

    I have photos of a bunch of other stuff on my website, at:

  10. fibrejunky
    fibrejunky says:


    That’s absolutely beautiful. I don’t suppose you’d be willing to teach me how to do that sometime when I’m up in Hurst? That is so much more delicate than anything I’ve ever tried.
    And I must agree with the pewter eye choice. Just lovely.

  11. admin
    admin says:

    Sorry about that! I met so many people, it was kind of a blur… I had on a burgundy and black doublet, black hose, and an hat with an ostrich feather sticking straight up in the air.

  12. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    Your skein is just beautiful and your ribbon is awesome also…You are such a talented person…WAY TO GO…..


  13. annina_writes
    annina_writes says:

    My husband took one look at this project and said, “I take it he’s a Laurel.” 🙂

    It’s an amazing project, knowing that it’s from the ground up…er…worm up.

  14. admin
    admin says:

    This was actually a commission for the elevation of a friend. Yes, I got my OL back in 93, in Abilene – I haven’t played in the past few years tho.

  15. annina_writes
    annina_writes says:

    Sadly, we no longer play, though we joined in A.S. VII. The local group is not to our liking. (Can you spell Napoleonic SCA politics? I knew you could.) And I don’t get about well enough to attend events, so perhaps another day.

    I’ve been catching up with your journal…my LJing has been haphazard at best this month. You are definitely “da man” when it comes to silk. I’m simply amazed at all your work. I’m wondering if raising moths isn’t something I could do, especially since you mentioned a moth that eats privet. That we have, though I’d dearly love to put in some mulberry trees. We love the berries, so it would serve a dual purpose. You mentioned privet and lilac and it occurred to me that the local (NW FL) wild lilac, an unremarkable bush with privet-like tiny blooms might truly be related to lilacs. Privets and wild lilacs bloom at the same time here (like this week), and both send me into asthma attacks if I’m not medicated.

    Somebody sent me some “cut silk,” and while the staple is only 1.5″ it spins into a nubby yarn on my favorite drop spindle. Still, I’m going to blend most of it with some merino top. Even yukky silk is still luscious! My mom always spoke of silk with the hushed tones one uses for the truly awesome things in life, and of course it is! Silk is…well, the jewel of fibers.

    I see you put silk fibers into your yummy soaps. I’m definitely going to have to order some as soon as we catch up with the bills. (The 21 year old son is between jobs and we’re helping him out.) I’m not up to making soap these days.

    Didja see the cartoon of li’l old me from The New Yorker? I’ve been stunned all week! Who knew?

  16. mothie
    mothie says:

    Fantastic 8-]

    Philippa here. ;-j I love your work Michael. So kewl you did it from worm to wear. The best I’ll ever do is plant some flax seed…

  17. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Fantastic 8-]

    Did you linen it all the way up? That’s on my Big List of Things to Do Eventually.

    Unfortunately, the class on how to do just that, at CHT, was opposite my silk class! It was especially tough, because I think that the mindset for folks who want to do those, is similar…

  18. mothie
    mothie says:

    Re: Fantastic 8-]

    Nah. It’s on my to-do list as well. These days I’m too busy with printmaking to think fiberly. But I can appreciate it when I see it. 8-]

  19. lightfootcim
    lightfootcim says:

    Very nice! I actually got a quick (in passing) glimpse of it at Coronation last week. Master Philip passed by me and I thought where have I seen that before. It’s even more neat when you see it in person. Unfortunately, I never did catch back up with him to get a better look at it. Next time I will definitely have to get him to stand still for a minute! LOL! I am working with 5/2 perle and now I feel like I am using kinder pencils rather than a no. 2 pencil 🙂 I don’t know how you don’t go blind working with that small of stuff! Keep it up!

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