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  1. shadowduchess
    shadowduchess says:

    That was incredible, they eat so fast!
    I couldn’t believe the background sounds..wow!
    I never got around to telling you how beautiful the blues were in that last batch..stunning colours.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah, they’re a trip! When I’ve got five or eight hundred worms in the room, and I open them up to feed them, it really does sound like it’s raining. Very soothing, actually.

    And thanks! I had fun with those. I’m finally starting to get the techniques right for getting *ranges* of a single color – it’s much trickier when dyeing such small amounts, because weight-of-goods is so little. I hope to have some more pretty skeins to post soon.

  3. shadowduchess
    shadowduchess says:

    I can only imagine!!! That many? Holy crow.
    I love the sound of rain so that sound would probably completely lull me.

    Oh, you’re welcome.
    I’d be honestly quite afraid to ask you how much it would cost to purchase your threads for future work as I would understand it’s great value with all that is involved.

    Do you find some colours adhere better than others?

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah, I sure can’t sell it and make a living.

    There are some good sources that I can recommend, if you’re looking for embroidery silks- Kreinik is having a Yard Sale and liquidating some of their filament silk line, and I’ve ordered a couple of assortments – mainly to see how they’re done, of course!

    Yes, some colors are better than others. Some are very persnickety – olive tends to go on splotchy if you don’t handle it *just* right, and some of the reds will bleed if you try to make them too dark. But overall, the acid dyes are pretty straightforward and easy to work with.

  5. shadowduchess
    shadowduchess says:

    I wouldn’t think so, it’s such a delicate balance what you do if I imagine it properly.

    Ooh, I’ll have to look I’ll need embroidery silks for some of the more elaborate pieces I’ll make later but for now I’m making less intense work and selling it to get my name out there and building up trust and a clientele.
    I understand wanting to check out other people’s work it’s the best way to study.

    *nod* I thought reds would be more of a problem, surprised about the olive but I figured some colours were easier to handle than others. I have that problem when dyeing fabrics for special projects so of course I had to ask if it was the same for you.

  6. admin
    admin says:

    I think that the reason the olive is so finicky, is that it’s a blended dye… it’s got an orange, and a green, and they don’t always want to strike at exactly the same speed and temperature.

    I’ve gotten best results from a sort of tea-bag dunking technique, raising and lowering it vigorously into the dye bath. It seems to distribute better that way.

  7. ladydiana
    ladydiana says:

    That’s another thing I want to learn; embroidery. And make a nice embroirdered tablecloth. Of course, starting with silk is probably a bad plan. 😛

  8. misoranomegami
    misoranomegami says:

    *nods nods* I finally found a store that carries anything in the way of small embroidery kits. They had a nice one for $20 that had a mix of 4 small projects (birds and butterflies) but I picked one out of clearance for $6 that is just has some pansies on it for now. Hopefully I’ll have better luck than the lion I tried to do in elementary school! ^.^

  9. misoranomegami
    misoranomegami says:

    I found some at the Super Joann’s in Lewisville, but other Super Joann’s stores might have other ones! They had a 4 pack of small framed projects (like you see for cross stitch) that had cardinals, butterflies and some other song bird. They had pillow cases with the stamped edging to fill in (they had these at one Walmart I found too, but I think they were the same price; about $15). The project I got was a small scented pillow. It came with the cloth stamped with a pansy pattern, the thread, ribbon for wrapping around the pillow when it’s sewed, and you provide your own poppurri! I’ve always wanted to learn embroidery and I’m really glad I finally found a small cheap project to start with! ^.^ Otherwise if you’re looking for something a bit nicer and don’t mind waiting a bit my sister has been getting these cross stitch catalogs that also contain embroidery kits. I posted a link to that company on Dfw_crafters in response to the appeal for embroidery stuff. ^.^

  10. rixende
    rixende says:

    Wow…..I think I would grab a cup of tea and go feed the silkworms and just get lost in that fabulous sound. I think I’m going to save that clip for those moments when I need to just chill out at work.

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