I haven’t ever posted any of the memes, quizzes, etc., in my journal. But this one has brought out so many interesting facts about my friends list folks, and has given me a lot of food for thought…

I’d love to talk with folks who’ve done any of these – I know for a fact that there are probably one or two of you who will have done a couple of these things, or something similar.

1. Petted a vicuna.
2. Bought alpaca wool from a fishmonger in a Peruvian market.
3. Ate potatoes baked on a dung-burning stove. With clay sauce.
4. Raised a calleta moth from eggs.
5. Made organzine from scratch, and wove with it.
6. Lived in Base Housing on an Air Force base as part of a long-term (MMF) threesome. (And got the AF to give me Special Powers!) Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.
7. Met a handsome young man at a friend’s party, went for drinks, brought him home, screwed his brains out… and then drew a portrait of him sleeping.
8. Two-stepped with a porn star. (and you KNOW better than to click on that at work…)
9. Done a Tarot reading in a lucid dream.
10. Translated from Deutsche Althandschrift. That’s not the letter from my great-great-grandfather’s sister, but it looks just like it.

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  1. chessiekitty
    chessiekitty says:

    Well, I guess I kind of cheated. They were at one of the zoos I worked at. So I also fed, cleaned up after, and enriched them. But one would come up and nuzzle my neck (then try to eat my hair).

  2. admin
    admin says:

    That sounds like such a cool job.

    I remember watching a zookeeper coming into a llama pen (we were there *right* at the end of the day, like the last visitors trickling out) and the baby llama kept butting up under her arm – she said it was trying to nurse.

    Baby camelids are SO CUTE!

  3. geodyne
    geodyne says:

    I managed #7 once but alas, I no longer have the picture (it was a very long time ago).

    That’s an impressive list. I really like this meme.

    Sie sprechen Deutsche?

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