Yaaay for prizes!!

I just got back from this state-wide fiber arts convention. My class was small (only four people signed up!) but they did well and I think learned a lot. I’ve forgotten how draining it can be to stand up and talk for hours and hours. A lot of people expressed interest, and some of them are talking about hosting me for workshops, which is very pleasing. I enjoy teaching.

The Orangeganzine took First Place in its category, Handspun. And the medallion ribbon took BEST IN SHOW!!

It was not a tiny show. I was floored. There was some amazing stuff there.

And, on an also-very-cool note – they were CASH PRIZES. The coordinator was handing out the envelopes, and I didn’t realize they were checks – she said to the crowd at large, “And if any of you were wondering if Best in Show is like another first place, or if it’s more… it’s more.” I thought she was talking about how it was decided, like if it ranked with the others… but it was more, in the envelope. Wow. I’ve never won a cash prize for my weaving work before. Of course, I promptly spent most of it on books, tools, and prezzies. And cocoons!

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  1. lysana
    lysana says:

    Congratulations! What a great weekend for you all around there.

    And spending those well-gotten gains on more of your hobby is probably part of the point.

  2. sola
    sola says:

    w00p! congratulations!

    i’d love to come to one of your classes one day, maybe you will become famous and your hijinks will bring you to the eastern seaboard. then i will eat your brains.

  3. misoranomegami
    misoranomegami says:

    *sigh* It’s been put on indefinite hold. The school has already paid probably thousands of dollars on the equipment but they’re waiting until they can afford a graduate student to monitor the use. Until then only the professor is allowed to use it even though it was supposed to be a major part of our exam. 🙁 I’m sorry.

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