Tussah silkmoth eggs

If anybody who reads this wants some Chinese Oak Tussah silkmoth eggs, I’m going to have a bunch on hand. Please email me privately at oakenking (at) gmail.com.
They eat oak leaves, and produce a golden-tan silk. The moths are huge, docile, and very pretty.

and more information on their life cycle at:

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    Umm… inasmuch as bugs can *be* housebroken, they are. They live their larval lives in a shoebox-sized plastic container, and all they want is a steady supply of fresh oak leaves. I usually clean out the poop from the cages every three or four days. The caterpillars will only wander from their food when it’s spinning time; if you don’t keep them contained, that’s the time they can end up in the drapes. The moths are flighted, but they rarely fly. Let me know if you decide to give them a try.

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