Three Blue Eggs!

Today, for the first time, we have three blue eggs.  This confirms what I had suspected – our three Ameraucanas have been taking turns laying.

We’d been getting two blue eggs a day most days, but the color wasn’t always 100% consistent, and just recently a couple of the eggs were bloody outside (typical of a hen just beginning to lay)… but now, we’re sure that all three are laying.

The tomatoes are doing well; they’re almost ready to be potted on.  It’s fifty degrees outside, so they get to go out for a sun-bath.

When you touch them, they smell like tomato plants.  For me, that’s one of those wonderful summer smells; it’s very happy-making to have the smell of tomato plants in February.

Did you know chickens beg?  Chickens beg a LOT.  I’ve deliberately trained them to come when called, and we’ve accidentally trained them to come when the garage-door opener makes its noise.  They flap and squawk across the yard, and then they stand at the fence cawing and walking back and forth.  You can see there’s still some snow; it’s all gone from the streets and mostly from the yards, but it hangs on in shady places, like our back yard and driveway.

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  1. Ravenoak
    Ravenoak says:

    We had many a beggin’ chikin’ when I was a kid. We used to let the chickens sit on our heads, and most of the time we got away “clean”.

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