It Doesn’t Usually Snow Here…

By 5:45 this morning, it had already snowed a couple of inches.

By nine this morning, we had nearly five inches.

This is really beautiful snow; it fell almost straight down, so it built up on every available surface, instead of blowing into drifts.

The coop is covered in a thick layer.  The chickens were locked in the upper “apartment” overnight to keep them warm.

It was probably fifty degrees inside – not “toasty warm,” but certainly within the Chicken Comfort Zone.  I gave them some water up in the top so that they’d have something to drink, let down the gangplank so they can enjoy the bottom of the coop (and the yard, if they decide to brave the snow – unlikely!) and then shut the door quickly to conserve heat.

We have a house made for snow, with the steep gables and the clean lines – it always reminds me of a Currier and Ives print when it’s snow-covered.

Kego plunged into the snow chest-first with the joy of a long-haired dog finding a medium worthy of her coat.  Bailey bounced along behind her – he wants to enjoy the snow, but he also faces the apprehension that any short-legged boy dog gets when deep snow hits him right in the tonker. Some times he would nearly levitate like a cat does, when he hit a deep part.

Taco DOES NOT like the snow.  He went back to the garage where there is a clear spot, and waited for the door to magically open.

It’s 10:20 now, and snowing again.  I’ll try to get more pictures once it settles.

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