Texas Folk Life 08 – just my booth

Another happy and fulfilling Texas Folk Life Festival!

Unfortunately, I just wasn’t in the right head space for photography – I got good shots of my booth the morning of setup, and I went out with the camera walking around – but just couldn’t see any shots.

Fortunately, user ZaftigWendy on Ravelry took LOTS of pictures, and she was at Glenna’s booth, which was right next to mine!

Just in case anybody’s curious, here are my reference shots of my booth:

There are several new/different things – the most noticeable are the table cloths! These two pieces of suedecloth-y stuff were on sale at the local JoAnn’s, and I got both of them together for about $25. No, not even related to silk – but they hold up well and they don’t wrinkle.

Left end of the L-shaped booth. The Lao reel didn’t get used at all at this event; it’s just not quite as conducive as the Wyatt reel to showing the whole process.

I’ve got white and yellow cocoons here, which were the source of a LOT of questions.

Right end of the front part; the loom is warped with cotton, but shows how I make the ribbons. The embroidery got a lot of good attention.

On the side of the L, the wild silk moths. This table is also part of my staging space; it keeps people out of the way of my wires and boiling water.

Speaking of boiling water – Chris got me this Mr. Induction tabletop stove as a present. It TOTALLY rocks. It can boil water from cool room temperature in twelve minutes. It works by heating the pan, not the burner – it’s amazing. It also has the fastest re-boil I’ve ever seen. I also like the little shorter pan that it came with – it is easier for people to see what I’m doing with the cocoons and the brush. I found out that it wasn’t happy on top of this towel – it vents from below, and needed better foot clearance. I need to get it a dedicated pad of some sort.

And these are cute little worm-shaped coconut cookies. They’re made of tapioca starch, so I can eat them! The look on people’s faces as I crunch one mid-demo is priceless.

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  1. not_justagirl
    not_justagirl says:

    *laughs* I can totally see you snacking on ‘worm’ cookies… teh awesome! The display looks fantastic and I lurve the new tablecloths!! Glad you had a good time… and should you ever decide to come visit Vancouver Canada let us know!

  2. ubermunkey
    ubermunkey says:

    Good god are you really as wonderful to look at in person as that Icon is! Absolutely woofy in an odlly wholesome way.

    Sorry, that is pretty funny with the cookies too.

    flirty munkey

  3. phonemonkey
    phonemonkey says:

    Me too. I’m a country girl so I’ve seen lots of sheep and wool demonstration stalls at county shows and fairs, but I’ve never seen a silkworm stall.

  4. tilia_tomentosa
    tilia_tomentosa says:

    No snow machines around? Did you feel disappointed? 🙂
    Yes, your display looks great!
    Those cookies look very appetizing! I hope they taste better than actual silkworms! And I wish I could see the look on people’s faces as you crunched them, you naughty boy! I can’t stop laughing!

  5. elmsley_rose
    elmsley_rose says:

    And you planning to get some more good bum shots too …..

    Glad the embroidery is up front and centre (at one side of the L) and got lots of attention!

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