Folk Life Festival, Silk Worm Demos, Gratuitous Hot Cowboy Ass

I’m leaving after work for the Texas FolkLife Festival. It’s a great weekend – lots of fun, neat people, culture, and plenty of Texas sun.

This is a shot from my booth from year before last. Here’s my full entry, if you’re curious.

This is video of me being interviewed by WAOI TV.

These guys were working on a snow machine. Damn, that one boy has a FINE behind.

I hope they’re at the Festival again this year – I’ve got a camera with a better zoom. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. czina
    czina says:

    Heheheheh – come through the vendor area while you’re there – I’ll be part of a ‘Leatherworker’s Coop.’ I’ll try to get away from the booth to see your display ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. admin
    admin says:

    do you know what part you’re in? It’s such a big place!

    I’ve got the copper loom and tablets with me, if you want to see those.

  3. yagtex
    yagtex says:

    That is awesome!!l, cool, and worth a hearty congratulations.

    btw, a side note, your cute. Oh no, did I say that? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Me too! He’s totally cowboy-handsome, too – but none of the closeups really did him credit. The sun was kind of wrong, and I was sneaking the photos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. paroxytone
    paroxytone says:

    When the rodeo is here in town, some of those cowboys, oh my (and these are pro level ones too, since it’s the state rodeo). He looks like he’s got one of those lean, but muscled builds. If he shows up this year, you gotta get a bunch of photos of him :).

  6. czina
    czina says:

    I’m not sure – we’re up on the Veranda area – but I’ve only gone one year, so I’m not that familiar with the site.

    I’d love to see your loom set-up! I’m going to try and warp up my mini-loom with the leather cards, just to have ‘busy work’ (much easier to do than leatherwork as a ‘stop and go’ project) – so if I get a chance away from the booth, I’ll try and wander by, too.

  7. admin
    admin says:

    I’m in the “Back Forty” – it’s kind of in the corner near the back gate. Lots of giant tents.

    I’m bringing an excessive amount of food and drink, so you’re welcome to come by for a nosh as well!

  8. travspence
    travspence says:

    When they do fake snow here it’s tiny soap bubbles. I’m thinking the little ice flakes would evaporate before they hit the ground in this dry heat.

  9. admin
    admin says:

    It’s highly unlikely… even with as small as the Internet really is, those guys and I aren’t even in the same part of the world. Now, if I had, say, mentioned their small company name and it was searchable, then maybe. But nah.

  10. czina
    czina says:

    When in doubt – look at the map, silley!

    Well, my husband’s booth is on the long fence near you (right next to the blacksmith and the branding iron ppl – can we say WARM?) – but the leather selling booth is up on the west side of the building. But -as my husband pointed out: to get to the side where you are, I would need to go through the building and down to that area … meaning through the AC, which will be VERY welcoming after an afternoon in the sun.

    So I’ll be over at some point, you can be sure.

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