Stitchin Fingers

I’ve joined a new networking site, called Stitchin Fingers. It’s a Ning Social Networking site – kind of like Ravelry (although not nearly as smooth), but for stitching-related textile arts. There’s mostly embroidery and quilting and stuff on there now, although there are groups set up for weaving and other formats.

I’m just called Michael on there – I started to change it, but it seemed like everybody was using some variant on their real names… and hey, I hardly ever get to use Michael, because there’s so many, and the name is always somebody else’s. But I was here first, this time!

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    Oh, no kidding! I thought, “Hmm… this is really more of similar stuff… ” but then I thought, “Hmm… this also exposes me to the work of hundreds of needle people that I wouldn’t ever find through Ravelry, or LiveJournal….

  2. perspicuity
    perspicuity says:

    ning has a very interesting concept… i like it.

    if you peek under the hood, at the code level stuff, and i was paid to do so for a month or two… it’s really amusing. all kinds of goodness and custom code, many things to change, add, customize.

    it especially amuses me, that unless you pay to lock things down, anyone that likes what you did can just go and copy the “style” themselves to use. very amusing indeed.


  3. admin
    admin says:

    I so wish I knew about that kind of stuff. I think my website has good content, but I’m clueless about the possibilities for code.

  4. scribe_ari
    scribe_ari says:

    First time posting to you

    I second the sentiment of “gosh I need another addictive site to eat my time.”

    Thank you for the add by the way. Your embroidery is amazing. I bow to your string-fu, and enjoy all the posts on mothy goodness.

  5. perspicuity
    perspicuity says:

    well, ning let’s you start small and move up… 🙂 create a spare ning playground, read some docs, and try stuff using their editors. it’s all there in their help sections on customizing/etc. take your basic HTML and run with scissors 🙂 <--- that's the modified site. search for "crab" or "whale" :) amusing content :>

    you can pay to have a unique url point to your ningness. except it doesn’t look very ning, does it? though, again, once you poke around some, it does. if you hover over some links, like in the “tag cloud”, you’ll note that the urls are “really short” with terms like “tag”, “watch”, “junky”… that’s all amusingly custom. there’s more, but that’s deeper weirdness.


  6. admin
    admin says:

    Re: First time posting to you

    Well, howdy! I enjoyed reading your posts, especially the ones about the tapestry crochet; another thing I need to learn how to do! :: bowing back ::

    Oh, and the phoenix crown. I would gleefully drown puppies for metalwork like that. GORGEOUS stuff.

  7. admin
    admin says:

    :chuckle: I just meant, my own site: – it’s very simple, basic HTML (and a little flash animation on the front that somebody did for me).

    Although, some of the time I’m glad it’s basic – because it’s accessed often by people in places where they may not have fancy server-side code stuff. I get lots of hits from India and other developing countries. Mainly, I need to learn more about best practices on how to make it read easily, look good, print clearly, etc.

  8. admin
    admin says:

    Yup. So I figured that if everybody on there had their real name and photo, and I put up WormSpit with a picture of a woven moth, it would look… like I didn’t trust them or something. Besides, it’s NICE to be the only Michael!

  9. elmsley_rose
    elmsley_rose says:

    Yeah – I had a dragonfly icon up but changed it coz it didn’t seem in place.

    You never know, another Michael might sneek in…but he won’t get to be just ‘Michael’

  10. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Patra’s embroidered peacocks

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’d love to see your peacock collection; is it on your website or blog? I had a quick look but couldn’t see anything about peacocks. I was fascinated to read about the raw silk process from the cocoon, with the photos. I’ve never seen anything about the production of silk, apart from brief bits of info. gleaned over the years as life goes by!
    Gina in Melbourne

  11. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks a Bunch!

    ok…so I’m in Ravlery in the Tablet Weaving group cuz I’ve just discovered it and can’t wait to get started. And from there I link to your website and then…jeez…”Stichin’ Fingers”?????? Thanks so much-just this morning I was thinking I was short an internet addiction or two ;).

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