More lace: Mystery Stole

This is part of a fun project I’m trying, to get more experience with lace knitting (or is it knitted lace? I never remember them right…) It’s a Yahoo group, and the group’s leader releases a “clue,” part of the pattern, once a week. I finally got my yarn on Friday, so I got a chance to work it up.

This what it looks like without stretching out. Because I’m using straight needles, it’s all crowded up. It’s Jaegerspun Zephyr in “Copper”. 50% Tussah silk, 50% Merino wool, on 3.75mm bamboo needles.

This is the A and B charts. There’s some stitch SNAFU going on with the B chart, but I’m not sure if I want to rip out the entire section. I’ve got a lifeline right at the end of the first section, so I wouldn’t lose a lot.

This is the C chart, which looks like little round flowers.

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  1. sola
    sola says:

    i think it’s lace knitting for the proccess. this is really lovely.

    i’ve not done more than a swatch of lace.. what, pray, is a lifeline, and how is it done? ( aquick def. is fine, i can research it on my lonesome with a bit more info.)

  2. jennfurr
    jennfurr says:

    it’s where you take a piece of thread/yarn and thread it through the live stitches on the needle. that way you can frog all the way back to that point and not have to worry about dropping stitches or having them oriented the wrong way on your needles. much faster than tinking… unworking stitch by stitch.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Jennfurr defined it just right. The lifeline is black sewing thread; you can see it in the second picture. I would have used something bigger and more contrasting, but that’s what I had on hand.

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