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I know there are a bunch of computer-clever folks out there in Friends-List-Land… Does anybody know if you can put a Blog Ring link on your LiveJournal? I’m looking at a lot of cool blog rings, and I’d love to join up, but I don’t have the faintest clue how.

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  1. fiberaddict
    fiberaddict says:

    I think you can, in S2, if you’re a paid/permanent member – but I haven’t had the time to fiddle with it yet.

    What I did, was embedd my LJ into a page on my website, and add the blog ring codes to *it*. It’s not pretty – I had to use frames – but it works.

    I’m reading up on CSS, which is what S2 uses, and the book shows some pages that have the same type of code…but I need to take some time and actually code a page to see if it works. One of these days…..

  2. woofytexan
    woofytexan says:

    oh yeah…you will need to change the layout style of your journal so links will show up in the side box. Try using Components. You change it in the Manage | Customize section as well.

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