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  1. an_sceal
    an_sceal says:

    I saw that and grinned and pointed and made my wife look. She was suitably impressed that I “knew” you. *grin*

    Congratulations! It’s a great article!

  2. czina
    czina says:

    I felt that way when the TWIST came out, and my article was on the cover 🙂 ‘lookatme, lookatme’!

    Congratulations! Yours is even bigger news, of course.

    Growing silk is on the list of ‘someday’ projects. Gotta grow a mulberry bush, first, I guess.

  3. zoezebra
    zoezebra says:

    Congratulations!!! The weavers guild down here in Cape Town gets several copies of Spin Off so I’ll be sure to check out your article. I love that you do something so cool and that you share it with everyone.

    You and your article are made of win!

    And a big happy birthday even though it’s a little early. 🙂

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