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I’ve been working at getting ready for SOAR next month.  One of the things that I absolutely have to have, is cool, small presents – I’ve always found that I make wonderful new friends at events like this, and I want to give them little mementos.  It has to be something very cool, something very ME, and something they can actually get some use out of.

So, I now present: Gimme Spools!

A handful of samples.  I will have more colors - but these are the prototypes

I had thought about getting spools like the ones I keep in my embroidery box, but (a) they’re almost $.50 each, which adds up when you want to hand something out like candy, and (b) they’re a special order item, so it could be a few weeks to get them here.  I figured out that if I printed my information four-up on a piece of quality acid-free paper, I can cut them down and roll them up to make little quills.

An extra-nice touch – I can use my electric winder, which turns a very tedious winding job into a quick zip.

They're a fairly convenient size.  If I were just using them for storage, I might make them a little shorter.

They’re a fairly convenient size – if I were just using them for storage, I might make them a little shorter.  They’re not as strong as the Glimakra quills, but they’re pretty strong.

They've got my information on them, like little business cards.

I like the fact that I can put all my info on them, like little silky business cards.  They’re sealed with tape, which makes a nice smooth edge.  Glue stick was too imprecise to make the edge clean.

The cream colored ones have about 100 yards or so of raw silk; the colors are about 10 yards of embroidery tram.

The colored ones have about 10 yards of embroidery tram, which would be enough to embroider an initial or a small flower.  The cream ones are a bunch (100 yards? I didn’t measure) of raw silk filament, which could be thrown to make a small skein of almost any kind of yarn.  I’m honestly not sure which people would like more.  I’m hoping that people don’t decide they want one of each color… I can’t make enough for everybody to have a set.

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  1. arianne
    arianne says:

    These are fantastic. I just started reading your blog today and I am in love. I’m still squirmy about those worms, but you’ve made this all so very interesting… thank you so much!

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