One of the things that Chris and I both really like about the new house, is that it has a good space for a big vegetable garden.  We’re at the stage where we’re trying to balance pre-season enthusiasm with the realization of how much labor it can be as things get big.

Tomato and pepper seedlings are taking a sun bath today; it’s sixty degrees and only a light breeze – perfect weather for tiny baby plants.

The big tomato plants are Better Boy that my Dad planted from seed; we have been babying them since Christmas. They sit on the kitchen counter under a high-output full-spectrum light when it’s too cold outside, and they go outside on any sunny day.  They’re almost five inches tall now.

The little seedlings are half peppers, half tomatoes.  The tomatoes are a “heritage cherry tomato mix.”  The peppers are from a beautiful big orange Holland Bell pepper that we both liked from the grocery store.  We will probably get a grape tomato or two – Chris and I both love those.  We’re planning on some spaghetti and zucchini squash, rainbow chard, bush and pole beans, beets, onions… and something I’m sure I’m forgetting.  And lots of herbs in the holes of the cinder blocks.

Tomato seedlings.

The garden will be in these raised beds.  They’re roughly three by nine, and we’re going to lay them out square-foot gardening style.  You can’t really tell from this photo, but they’re already about two-thirds full with a good sandy loam; we’ll top up with peat, vermiculite, and compost.  Back in the corner there, is where my BEES are gonna go!

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  1. Phiala
    Phiala says:

    In the parts of the world that get lots of snow, this is seed catalog season. Those evil outfits know that we’re all sick of looking at white, and send us catalog after catalog of lovely pictures of green leaves and red tomatoes and brilliant flowers of all descriptions. They know that the photographs will dull our rational faculties and send us straight to the internet/phone to order one of everything.

    One of my favorite heirlooms is the Black Russian: cherry tomatoes that do well in pots and are an interesting color. But it looks like your mix has the whole rainbow pretty well covered.

    Bees. I want bees. I can’t where I am, but that would be lovely.

    I’m slowly working on fruiting perennials: raspberries and blackberries have been in for 3 years, and should give a good crop this year. Blueberries next, maybe. And do a better job this year with the world’s tiniest pea patch…

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