Do I know any Ravelry editors?

I’m thinking that somebody out there in Friends-List Land is probably a Ravelry editor… but I don’t know who.

Somebody posted a link to my Stitch Marker Page. The Ravelry link is here.

I’d really like to get it tied to my Ravelry profile. I’d also like to be able to add photos. But, I don’t know how to manage that.

Anybody know the way to do this, or someone who could wave the magic wand for me?

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    ah, gotcha.

    I’m glad to have people pointing to it… it just feels slightly, um, hijacked, not being able to update or change my own pattern!

  2. admin
    admin says:

    I looked at the designer link you posted, and emailed the Ravelry folks… I know it’s not a knitting pattern, but it’s useful to a lot of knitters. It’s probably the most-hit page on my site. Is there a Ravelry space for non-pattern tutorials?

  3. djinnj
    djinnj says:

    I know, isn’t it weird! You can still request to be made a designer and linked to it to have control over what’s there, or talk to an editor if you don’t want to be considered a designer. My thought is that it’ll be removed at some point so I wouldn’t worry too much unless there’s something specific wrong. No one *else* can edit the pattern page either, for what it’s worth. As far as I can tell, though, a designer can’t delete their own pattern pages. I don’t know if regular editors can either; it might be a restricted power.

  4. djinnj
    djinnj says:

    I know that there’s going to be room for stuff like fiber, but I don’t know if anything’s happening for tools. People put them in their projects, sometimes, but those are of course less visible.

  5. admin
    admin says:

    Further down in the “Love of Ravelry” thread you linked to, Casey said that they’re planning, eventually, for a “tools” section, and it would have a space for this kind of thing.

    I’m just glad that it lists the person who posted it, so that they don’t think it was me trying to put stuff in that wasn’t supposed to go!

    Now, I just hope they don’t go through and axe all my personal weaving projects… there’s a whole little sub-culture that does things like weaving and naalbinding, etc… and I know that it’s supposed to be all knitting, but I’d hate to see it go.

  6. djinnj
    djinnj says:

    I don’t think personal projects are at risk, however it may be frowned upon to do stuff that’s not even remotely fiber related (and people do! it’s crazy). The pattern pages have a very specific functionality, though, so I can understand their being more rigid about them. A tools section would be really cool, mostly because we’re all to some extent or another DIY about this stuff.

    I have to remind myself the site is still in beta, and new things are constantly being added. There are lots of cool things designers get to see, like a user activity tab which shows when someone’s done something with a pattern, whether it’s queued it, favorited it, added a comment, commented on *someone’s fo*, added a pic to their fo, etc. It’s a little stalkerish and yet immensely entertaining and a bit ego stroking. 😉

  7. admin
    admin says:

    It sounds like fun! I just haven’t come up with anything quite clever enough to publish as a pattern with knitting. Weaving – sure! But knitting, not so much.

    In a way, although I understand Ravelry’s desire to stay knitting-and-crochet only, I wish it was more inclusive. I know that it’s a slippery slope… but it’s been a marvelous meeting-place for a bunch of other crafts as well.

  8. purlewe
    purlewe says:

    Actually, personal projects are at risk.. and it is a shame. They have a few folks who try to go thru and pull out anything that isn’t knit or crocheted and I’ve seen some wonderful things disappear. (a hand sewn sock bag was deleted without any word to the person that had it on their project space) it is a general pain in the arse.. And I know why they do iot, but I wish there was a heads up before it is done.

  9. admin
    admin says:

    Honestly, about 85% of the info that I enjoy reading on Ravelry, if not more than that, is about weaving and spinning… if they set down a firm line and it all disappears, I’ll probably drop out.

  10. purlewe
    purlewe says:

    they are still saying they are wishy washy on weaving. I’ve seen the editors boards and they are all.. well I will let it slide.. but if they ever do decide to get all uppity it will be a sad thing. I crossed over to my (albeit small) weaving projects due to knitting. I would be sad to see them go. And your work? is beyond fantastic.

  11. admin
    admin says:

    I think that a lot of us who do these things, are multi-interested. And that energy is very invigorating, and helps to cross-pollinate a lot of people’s imagination – they may find themselves taking on a new idea, design, or technique because they saw it somewhere. I’d hate to go – and really, it’s not a “I’ll just take my toys and leave” type of thing – but with no weaving at all, I just don’t have all that much to say, or much to read. I knit in short, intense bursts, and it has been probably six months or more since I touched the needles.

    And thanks for your kind words – I’m pleased and happy in my weaving work.

  12. aberrant1
    aberrant1 says:

    I just emailed the maintainers with my ravelry screen name and the link to the on-ravelry page for my pattern, and they had them linked by the next day. No setting up a designer account or anything like that was required.

  13. admin
    admin says:

    Cool. I did that; we’ll see what comes of it. There has apparently been a lot of noise about what should and should not be listed in the pattern pages, and apparently my stitch markers were used as an example of “should not.” :sigh:

  14. aberrant1
    aberrant1 says:

    Ah, that kind of sucks. Kinda makes sense, but still. I’d love to see a section on how to make or modify tools, maybe as a subsection of the patterns. Or maybe as part of a techniques/general instructions page. I think a lot of knitters and crocheters do it as one aspect of a general DIY/crafty tendency, so I personally would love to see the site expand to other fiber arts. And how to make the tools used.

    Lovely stitch markers, by the way! I’d never heard of toggle rings, but I’ll be looking for them next time I’m in a craft store. (Which I try to stay out of, these days…)

  15. admin
    admin says:

    There was some mention of a planned-for-future “Tools” section. We’ll see what they say!

    I got mine at WalMart – Michaels had a bunch of different kinds, but not the plain-and-cheap ones I wanted.

  16. admin
    admin says:

    Those are cool – but what I’m trying to do, is get control of my tutorial – somebody else posted it, and I can’t add pictures or edit, etc.

    With the other things I read, it probably ought to come down; it was sad to see it used in an example of “what shouldn’t be posted on pattern pages.”

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