Coronet WIP; knitting on planes

Howdy all!

I just got back from a fantastic trip to the Grammys! I took my current project, and got a lot done on it. It’s Knitty’s “Coronet,” designed by the talented and gracious artichaut who was so kind as to answer my questions about adapting the pattern for my handspun.

I had an excellent experience with taking my handwork on the plane. I had gotten a start on the cabled band before leaving for the trip, so I had about 5″ of it worked; the rest of it was all knitted on the planes and in the airports. I would have finished on the way home, but ran out of yarn. I wasn’t sure how much I’d need – now I have to spin some more before I can finish the knitting! I didn’t have a single issue with any of the security folks; my little wooden tube has 4 aluminum and 5 plastic needles, plus my bag has a big tapestry yarn needle and a thread-cutter (Clover, the pendant kind) and a latch hook for catching dropped stitches. Didn’t even get a second look from the security folks, although I always get a few odd glances being a guy knitting in public. Unfortunately, nobody came up and said howdy.

This is the hat flat. The brim is made to fold up, so it’s inside-out when it’s flat like this. The yarn is my hand-spun Dark Coopworth. I’m pleased with the way it is working up. I’ve never knitted with handspun before, let alone stuff I’ve spun myself.

The hat, with the brim folded.

Me, tryin’ to look moody-yet-dashing with a partially knitted hat on my head. Unfortunately, the flash wipes out the contrast in the cables, and it’s tough to model and shoot at the same time. Will probably have to have somebody snap a photo outside, to get a good one of me in the hat.

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  1. greeneyedpagan
    greeneyedpagan says:

    I hope you don’t mind – I added you to my friends list – seems we have several friends in common, plus I saw you on the knitting list. (I’m just learning to knit, and you rock!)
    Anyway, just thought I’d say hi, I added you, etc.

  2. admin
    admin says:

    Oh, hey!

    Glad to be on your reading list…. I’ll put you on mine as well. I think that you know the Houston folks that I used to SCA around with? I used to go by Colin Severne, but it’s been several years since I played much…

    And thanks, about the knitting. I’m having SUCH a blast doing it!!

  3. eressea
    eressea says:

    Gratuitous flattery: the cowboy hat in your LJ icon doesn’t do you justice!

    Real comment: it must be 30 years or more since I did any knitting… it always astonished my poor right-handed mother, who saw everything I was doing as upside-down and backwards. Instead, I taught myself to crochet, and have had a grand time playing about with threads. And of course, it’s still upside-down and backwards to many people. *sigh*

    I do enjoy reading about your projects, though, especially the recent experiments with dyes.

  4. admin
    admin says:

    Hee… thanks for the flattery! Always appreciated. =)

    I’ve had a lot of fun with yarn lately – my mother is baffled that I taught myself “backward” knitting (Continental) – it seems to me that so many of the knitting actions use BOTH hands, it doesn’t really matter where the yarn comes over. Of course, if you’re working stitches from the right needle to the left, you’re going to have pattern issues…

  5. greeneyedpagan
    greeneyedpagan says:

    Yes, I’m sure I know some – Bran in particular, and SS.
    I never played SCA myself, though.
    I can’t wait till I really get the hang of knitting – I crochet, have for um, decades, and I bead, and sew, blah blah blah…but knitting has always been on my “to learn” list, and now I finally am.
    You inspire me, for sure.
    One of these days!

  6. eressea
    eressea says:

    Ah, pattern issues. I’ve only found a few crochet patterns that were completely unworkable (so far!) for a lefty… and I’m sure if I wrote them out as a “traditional” pattern, rather than a diagram, they would work.

  7. sandthistle
    sandthistle says:

    Moody, dashing, homespun, and…well…

    …from one person who wore a “hat” with the needles still in, know that I say this with luuuuuv….

    …total dork.

    My kind of dork.

    P.S. You’re breaking the hearts of all of my neighbors…awwww….

  8. scifigal
    scifigal says:

    I like you!

    I noticed we’re both atkins and both knitters! I just started my first project…a Slytherin scarf knitted on circular needles. I’m almost done with my second stripe.

    I love your projects and I’m adding you to my friends’ list! You rawk!

  9. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Moody, dashing, homespun, and…well…

    Hee hee. I’ve been a fiber-arts dork for a long time. I’ll try for better shots, once the needles are done with their work. Unfortunately, I have to spin (and wash, and let dry) more yarn before I can finish up the hat!!

    (and tell your neighbors howdy for me.)

  10. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Nice job…

    I’m doin’ fine… keeping busy. The Grammys were a blast! My lazy butt is still draggin’ on LA time…

    I need to get your SS# and mailing address for our 1099’s (yes, I KNOW they’re late…) would you email that to me? I’ll email you separately inna bit…

  11. admin
    admin says:

    Re: VERY COOL!

    I’d be happy to show you how; I haven’t been doing it for long, and I may be doing something wrong since I’m mostly self-taught, but I can show you how I do what I do, and you can see what works for you.

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