Coronet Hat: finished!

Got some time this afternoon and got the coronet hat finished! It was just a little bit loose/big, but after blocking and drying (okay, and some time in Microwave Time Out…) it fits fine.

This picture shows the color of the wool really well, but washes out the cable. The flash takes away all the shadows that make the cable show up, on top of the fact that the fuzziness of the handspun wool tends to make it a little blurred.

This one shows the cables a lot better, taken without flash… but it’s not quite as crisp because I had to hold it for the longer exposure. But anyway, that’s more what the cables look like.

And here’s me wearing it. This was actually before the block; the top is a little smoother now, but it really doesn’t show in this photo anyway. The other pictures are all post-block.

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  1. admin
    admin says:

    I really needed to end up with a spun-and-knitted project really quickly, for therapeutic reasons… my previous spinning endeavours several years ago were abandoned because I was just making tiny skeins with no end use. Amazingly enough, the ones that I left wound on a spool, split into a million little pieces – I don’t think they got moths, must have just been the tension and the frustration from not getting used for a project!

  2. moon8sky
    moon8sky says:

    Looks good and the hat too. I will have my yarn for you in tow next class night, JP is doing great now and I think I can make it out of the house now.. yea mommy..LOL

  3. admin
    admin says:

    What kind of weaving do you do? Almost all of the weaving I’ve done has been narrow-band, but I’d love to learn on a broad loom one of these days. It’s on the To Do List…

  4. twistedcat
    twistedcat says:

    i learned in high school, of all places…

    we used big lobster trap looms (probably not a technical term, but that’s what we called them)… about 5 feet wide, big enough for a decent throw rug or afhgan… i’m a big fan of the herringbone pattern, ina vibrant color with something neutral to offset…

    haven’t done it in a while, but when i get enough space, i do believe a loom will be on the to-be-purchased list…

  5. snack
    snack says:

    awesome hat. i have much jealousy. however, living in florida does not give one the nice crisp winters in texas – and thusly, no need for said hat. :/

  6. moon8sky
    moon8sky says:

    No its the 20th. J said last time I talked to her that it would be two weeks from the 6th. Inless they changed it last class, and no body told me.

  7. admin
    admin says:

    Very true. I imagine that there will be like ten days a year when it will actually be NEEDED… but I can probably manage to *enjoy* wearing it more than that. (kind of like how you can enjoy building a fire, even though it’s only sixty degrees and you don’t really need one..)

  8. admin
    admin says:

    Yup. I’ll only have a few days each year that it’ll really be cold enough to justify it. Fortunately, tomorrow’s supposed to be in the mid-20’s… plenty cold for a nice warm hat!

  9. whitr
    whitr says:

    excellent… wow, mid-20’s… that’s only a few degrees warmer than here.

    hey do you ever use your Yahoo messenger? I just added you to mine.

  10. admin
    admin says:


    It was so nice – today was one of our coldest so far this year, and I got to wear the spiffy new hat to keep my ears warm.

  11. hardvice
    hardvice says:

    Brilliant. Looks fantastic!

    My mom and I keep having a recurring conversation about her teaching me to knit and/or crochet, but have yet to get around to it. I’m going to have to resume pestering her…

  12. maeven
    maeven says:

    Wow what a hat!!

    I haven’t knitted in years..though I got admitt watching Lady Di with her needles of fury has stirred up the ole ‘wanna play with yarn bug’ in me.

    Though I am not certain I was ever ever good enough to knit a hat like this. Man you got the creative touch.

  13. admin
    admin says:

    Re: Wow what a hat!!

    Thanks! I’ve been having a blast with it. Spinning the wool was a first for me – the magick of making the raw fiber into the yarn, then working it into the hat, was very satisfying.

    My next project, is a red and cream striped night cap. I have half a pound of raw tussah silk fiber, and I want to spin it up and dye half of it red and make a long “elf-style” sleeping cap for my special dream naps. I have used a red ball of yarn as a visualization and dreamwork tool for quite a while now, and sometimes in the “active imagination” sessions will fashion the red yarn into things like nets, items of clothing, ropes, etc. Making an actual dreaming cap is just an extension of that visualization, crafting it firmly on the physical so that the resonance on the astral will be enhanced.

    I’ve been thinking that we need a “Stitch & Witch” night somewhere in the Metroplex – similar to the “Stitch & Bitch” idea, but for pagans. I think that there are a lot of us who work with yarn, string, fabric, and thread, and it’s always great to get together and to visit with others about it. There’s something magical about a bunch of people sitting together doing this kind of work.

  14. maeven
    maeven says:

    Re: Wow what a hat!!

    Spinning the wool??? Spinning the wool? What the hel? I want some of your your time management expertise man. Spinning the wool? I want to spin wool.

    The dream cap is inspired considering your exploration in this field. I agree with your take on the situation. It should greatly enhance your astral journeys.

    Your stitch & witch idea reminds me of a t-shirt I have about terrorist sewing circle or something.

    I love to quilt as well, but I haven’t done that in years.

    Best to you. You are certainly a Rennaissance Man among us.

  15. julilla1
    julilla1 says:

    How do you spin the wool? With a drop spindle? I want to get a drop spindle, but I don’t know what is a good kind to start with. If I spin ya some yarn, will you make me a cute hat? 😉

  16. admin
    admin says:

    I spun it using a wheel, although I’ve used a drop spindle before. I don’t really know a good brand or type of drop spindle to suggest – I know there are a bunch out there! I’ve made my own using toy wheels and dowels from the hobby store.

    If you spin enough yarn for two hats (one for me, one for you) I’d be happy to knit you one! That deal seems to work well for fiber-arts type trades, because it takes into account the time involved (which we’d never get minimum wage for!). My hat is about 2.5 ounces.

  17. kjaz
    kjaz says:

    I love the pattern! Where did you find it or did you make it up yourself? I’m going up to Sedona, AZ with my cousin from Minnesota next week. She wants to hit the yarn shops so I’ll be seeking some nice hat yarn.
    BTW, I’m happily attached and all that but I must say, you are kindofa cutie. 🙂 (blush)

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