Weaving, and still snowy!

I finished the ribbon last night.  This is an in-progress picture; I’ll get more once I have it all hemmed up and beaded and finished this evening.

The sunlight through the window was good for the color of the beads, but a little harsh for shadows.  The surface beads over the knotwork on either side of the front don’t normally cast stark shadows like that.

There’s still snow on the ground at our house.  Here’s the view of the creek:

And here’s the back of the house.  See the big pile of snow by the garage door?  Those dark stains flowing down the driveway from it, are puddles of slick ice.  It was nearly fifty yesterday, but 29 again overnight.

and the view down the street.  Notice the piles of broken limbs in front of many of the houses!

I’ve never had snow stay on the ground like this.  I know that for many of my northerly friends, this is just a drop in the bucket – but snow worth shoveling is something that I have never experienced in my life, and snow that stays on the ground more than overnight is something that happens to other people.

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  1. Susan Williams
    Susan Williams says:

    Hey, I think you got hacked again. The headline on my RSS feed says:
    Withdrawal Zyrtec

    The headline on your blog says:
    Weaving, and still snowy!

  2. Hope
    Hope says:

    I’m afraid your RSS feed’s been hacked again – it’s got zytec in the title and website name. I can grab a screen cap for you, if you need it.

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