Video compression?

Howdy folks!

Does anyone know of a good tutorial, or other reliable information, about how to compress and play video?

I’ve got some video footage, but the file is HUGE – and I want to make it into something smaller that I can put up on a website. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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  1. admin
    admin says:

    OK… I’m getting smaller, smoothly-moving videos – with NO sound. Any suggestions? I’m not figuring this out somehow.

  2. unluckymonkey
    unluckymonkey says:

    are you using sorenson squeeze? Or some other software?

    Here’s my simple list if these don’t work I can help with more info.
    Are your speakers turned on? (I GOTTA ask my guy turns mine off all the time so as to not wake me in the morning)
    Have you looked at the sound selections and have you a) left sound on and b) left it at a reasonable quality so it’s not cutting out?
    Does your original have sound and it plays correctly?
    Did you re-render your footage from any software like adobe afterFX or premier? Did you check the sound after rendering?

    I don’t have sorenson on this computer we only have it on the video computer so I can’t go through the menus while in this room…so I’m not as helpful as I could be. But those are the obvious questions. I’m sure you’ve thought of that stuff. Also test it on another computer before you’re convinced it doesn’t have sound. My computer SUCKS at playing some kinds of video and it’s hard to predict.

    I hope maybe that helped a bit and you get it going. Good luck and feel free to ask more questions. I’ll do my best.

  3. admin
    admin says:

    Yeah – we checked most of that already. The original works, has sound… it starts out as a .vob file from the camera, which plays nicely on the computer, with sound. The picture squeezes down nicely – it’s just totally mute.

  4. unluckymonkey
    unluckymonkey says:

    hmmm.. that is odd. It sounds like a strange solution but maybe you should try converting it to a MOV file where you test the sound before squeezing it. I’ve never used a VOB file so I can’t say much about that aspect of it. The sound from that filetype might be making sorenson fussy.

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