The Peony: finished, finally!

It’s finally done! I have to admit – the leaves have a little bit of experimentation going on, partly because I was trying to figure it out, partly because I was just tired of working on this piece. I glued it to the mat under tension with PVA bookbinder’s adhesive, and put mat on front and back to keep it under tension in the frame.

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  1. elmsley_rose
    elmsley_rose says:

    It looks glorious!

    Now that I’m about to start doing Iris petals, I’ll be hanging off your belt, since you’ve just done such a similiar thing.

    You can see the way the light catches the light green leaves at the top there – lovely

  2. sunfell
    sunfell says:

    If he wanted to do something like that, he could use “Zazzle” to create such things. Heck, I’d even get a print of his work!

    That’s lovely!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    great work

    Well, I have to say that is damn fine work for a beginner at silk embroidery. Better than mine was! You’ve got a really good shine on the silk and the colour change works really well. You should be very proud of it, I hope it’s going to hand in pride of place.

    Tip for if you get it framed – make sure the glass doesn’t touch the silk, use mounts or spacers to create a gap between them.

    What’s next?


  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:


    Well done, Michael. I hope you are pleased with it. I know that project fatigue can sometimes dampen the the pleasure of working on something but hopefully finishing restored you enthusiasm for you peony. It is lovely.


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