Finish Things

This is a bit of an in-joke… there are a few people who will understand it.  I made this as a gift for one of my online mentors.

I based the graph on a photo of a red salamander that I found on Dartfrog.

The ribbon is woven of 50-weight sewing thread; I bought it in black and white.  The black is as I got it, the blue I dyed with acid dyes. The red is all silk that I made from cocoons and dyed.

SOAR ribbons, and more spools

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These are some ribbons that I’ve been working on.  They’re not pressed or hemmed yet, but I just had to share!

The gold and black is 50-weight sewing silk; I dyed the yellow, the black I bought that way.

The brocade is all silk that I made.  The huaman on the left is something I haven’t done before – it’s designed in negative, with the black of the bird’s wings and body being the background.  I think it pretty much worked.  I want to handle the fade-out of the background better, or make it a shape like an oval or an arch window

I wrapped some more of the little gimme spools.  I’m pleased with the way they look!

Taste the rainbow!  The bright yellow that is #4 from the right… that’s NATURALLY that color.  No dye. Sadly, the gold is all in the sericin, so it would come off with degumming.