Tablet Woven Silk Ribbon

This is the first project where I’ve gotten to use my hand-reeled, raised-from-eggs silk! The body of the ribbon is 60/2 spun silk, the hand-reeled stuff is in the brocade. It’s about 5/8 inch wide, woven on 41 tablets.

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    Yeah, that’s what I was working on at class. It gave me fits trying to photo it – I think because it’s both black and also shiny.

    I want to do some cool Wiccan-themed ribbons with the rest of the warp, but can’t quite think of what to do. I’ve got good patterns for the four Tarot/element suites; I may do those, and use it for a Tarot tie-up ribbon, or a magick-book-mark, or something. I definitely need to make something for dreamwork, but haven’t figured out yet just what I want to do.

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    Are you wanting a book, or a website, or a live person? I’ll be happy to recommend any of the above… there are some excellent websites as well as a lot of good books.

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    Well, first, a couple of my favorite authors have websites:

    Robert Moss tends to focus more on the mystical aspects, where Patricia Garfield tends to focus more on the psychological aspects, and how they relate to our waking lives. Her book “Creative Dreaming” is one of my favorites. has a good site with a lot of information about how to analyze and work on understanding your dreams. They have a good explanation of how things often behave in dreams; I find this a *lot* more useful than a “dream dictionary” approach.

    I really love lucid dreaming; awareness during the dream, that it’s a dream. The Lucidity Institute is great, as is Bird’s Lucid Dream Website.

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    Thanks! I’ll try to post more of this warp as it goes forward. I know that I’ve had a lot of contact with weaving and spinning spirits… and they’re not a new figure in my dreams, either, I’m just trying to court them more actively.

    I need to get back in touch with old stitchin’ wimmin. I used to hang out with a quilting guild who were under my purview at my previous job… those women could solve the world’s problems with a waxed thread, a needle, and two hours of earnest effort.

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