Summer Update 1: Chickens

I have been a bad blogger.

I got busy, and caught up in other things, and I realized that I haven’t posted here since February, and it’s now mid-July. I realized that part of it, is that I’ve been posting quick photos to Facebook, rather than writing things out; my new phone makes it easy to make those quick updates, but more difficult to make blog posts.

So, it’s time for a little catching up! I’m going to put up a couple of condensed posts.

Update on the chickens –

Sue was a very good momma. She mothered the little babies around the yard, making sure they were eating and thriving. However, we learned that the yard is not the right place for chicks. One got trampled by the other hens. Three got eaten by hawks. So, we learned that lesson, and the next batch of chicks was raised in the brooder box, upstairs in my bathroom. I wish we could have grafted them on to Sue, but they were days too old when we got them, and it just wouldn’t work.


We got these chicks at about a week old, on April 29. There are six, with three different kinds: two each of Salmon Faverolles, Anconas, and Andalusians. Between these three varieties, they should have a good production of eggs around the calendar. We knew that it was too many to keep; we sold off two of the chicks and one of the laying hens to make enough space in the coop. We’re still having some issues with the flocks not integrating – the young flock roosts separately at night on top of the compost bin, and I have to go tuck them into bed.

May 28, at about four or five weeks, they’re fully fledged, just about ready to go outside.



We sold one of the Anconas, one of the Andalusians, and Weezie.  We kept both the Faverolles, one Ancona, and one Andalusian.  The Faverolles are cuddly chickens – they’re easy to pick up and hold, and they don’t run from us.  It worries me a little bit, that they might not be smart enough to hide from a hawk or a bobcat – but so far, they’re OK.

I need to get some more new photos; they’ve grown so much since these were taken at the end of May!


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